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Empowering men and women to love, honor, and respect themselves and each other,

so together…we RISE.


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“I subscribe to your emails and I think they are really amazing.” - A.R.

“Your TMI email was hilarious, relatable and incredibly inspiring all in one bundle :)…it’s so courageous of you to share and reflect so honestly about your life.” - S.S.

“I loved reading this! Idk about the rest of your tribe, but I love and look up to you!” - A.W.

“Jess- I seriously love you for sending this email. Sending this email was so brave, so real, and so helpful.  I feel so proud for you and so grateful for your sharing.  PS my boobs feel great :)” - A.S.

“Thanks for sharing your journey with me. There can be so much power in being vulnerable, and I thank YOU for being you.” - A.C.

“Best episode ever!” - A.S.


balancing the feminine with the masculine...
and loving everything in between


Maybe you’ve been told all your life that you’re “too much.” You spend a lot of energy making sure everyone is happy around you. You work hard to be successful, but it never seems to be enough. And you’re exhausted.

In all my years of being a healer, I’ve noticed that people like us struggle to fit in with the rest of the world. But it’s not because something is wrong with us. People like us have learned to hide our feminine, intuitive, loving side in order to fit into a hyper-masculine world.

And it’s because we hide parts of ourselves that we feel unhappy.

If you are reading this, I know you didn’t get here by accident. You’re ready to shed the layers of beliefs and stories that tell you you shouldn’t be who you are, that you need to be someone you’re not, that you need to please everyone else, or you’ll lose love and respect.

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My name is Jess, and I am a Self Love & Empowerment Coach. I have been called upon to inspire intuitive wisdom and feminine empowerment.

Together, we can learn to love, respect, and honor who we are, both men and women.

Together, we can support each other in sharing our true selves with the world.

Together, we can rise.


By loving, honoring, and respecting ourselves, we can better do so for others.

Will you join me?


what others are saying...

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“Jess is a wonderful person and human being with the rare sort of positive vibe that rubs off on you just because you’ve talked to her. As an RTT coach and therapist, she is absolutely top notch. During the three month program I did with her, I was able to trust my intuition implicitly, gain confidence in my abilities, successfully coached a group of fellow writers to heal their inner cores, remove fears in the creative process, and much more.”

Christina C.


“Jessica created a safe psychological space for me to truly open up and uncover core truths I had subconsciously hidden. After a month, I not only felt physically stronger, but also mentally stronger. I started not only to open my heart more to new opportunities, but I also helped create a chain reaction of positive energy by sharing my new discoveries with others.”

Odelia L.

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JOy 2.png

“Jessica is amazing. A kind and compassionate woman, who is unconditionally supportive. Her gentle yet powerful guidance has helped me be more vulnerable to put myself out on social media. Absolutely LOVE Jessica!”

Carine C.


“[Working with Jess] was incredibly impactful - I felt like I was able to re-write my past negative truths I had told myself. I noticed the shift/change immediately and the positive impact the work had on not only myself, but my loved ones as well. I feel like a new me!”

Joy B.