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Self Love & Empowerment Coach

Empowering men and women to love, honor, and respect themselves and each other,

so together…we RISE.


self love & empowerment
for recovering perfectionists

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Hi! My name is Jess, and I am a Self Love & Empowerment Coach.

Growing up, I always took it upon myself to make sure everyone around me was as peaceful as possible. I needed everything to be just right, or someone would get upset and it would be all my fault. It wasn’t until my pent-up anxieties and fears manifested in my mid-twenties as a whole host of physical health problems that I started paying more attention to what was going on within and how it was affecting my ability to enjoy and live my life.

Even as a coach today (and perhaps even more so since starting my business), letting go of perfectionism, going after my dreams, and building deeper relationships with others is still a work in progress. I continue to learn about self love, self compassion, and inner wisdom, and through this website, I hope to pass that knowledge on to you and others like us.


Perfect and imperfect are not mutually exclusive.

We are all perfectly imperfect, and the sooner we can embrace this truth about ourselves, the bigger the transformation in all areas of our lives.


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Every Monday, I release a new episode on The Love Yourself Podcast, a podcast about self love, self compassion, and inner peace. To get updates on the show, enter your name and email below.

As a thank you, you will also receive my latest guided meditation, “Releasing Fear about the Future.” This meditation will teach you how to remove yourself from fear and anxiety about the future so you can take courageous leaps towards your Future Self with inner peace and confidence.


“I subscribe to your emails and I think they are really amazing.” - A.R.

“Your TMI email was hilarious, relatable and incredibly inspiring all in one bundle :)…it’s so courageous of you to share and reflect so honestly about your life.” - S.S.

“I loved reading this! Idk about the rest of your tribe, but I love and look up to you!” - A.W.

“Jess- I seriously love you for sending this email. Sending this email was so brave, so real, and so helpful.  I feel so proud for you and so grateful for your sharing.  PS my boobs feel great :)” - A.S.

“Thanks for sharing your journey with me. There can be so much power in being vulnerable, and I thank YOU for being you.” - A.C.

“Best episode ever!” - A.S.


what others are saying...

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“Jess is a wonderful person and human being with the rare sort of positive vibe that rubs off on you just because you’ve talked to her. As an RTT coach and therapist, she is absolutely top notch. During the three month program I did with her, I was able to trust my intuition implicitly, gain confidence in my abilities, successfully coached a group of fellow writers to heal their inner cores, remove fears in the creative process, and much more.”

Christina C.


“Jessica created a safe psychological space for me to truly open up and uncover core truths I had subconsciously hidden. After a month, I not only felt physically stronger, but also mentally stronger. I started not only to open my heart more to new opportunities, but I also helped create a chain reaction of positive energy by sharing my new discoveries with others.”

Odelia L.

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JOy 2.png

“Jessica is amazing. A kind and compassionate woman, who is unconditionally supportive. Her gentle yet powerful guidance has helped me be more vulnerable to put myself out on social media. Absolutely LOVE Jessica!”

Carine C.


“[Working with Jess] was incredibly impactful - I felt like I was able to re-write my past negative truths I had told myself. I noticed the shift/change immediately and the positive impact the work had on not only myself, but my loved ones as well. I feel like a new me!”

Joy B.