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Self Love & Empowerment Coach

Hi, I'm Jess!

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Hi Friend,

I know you’re in a painful place right now. You haven’t been exactly happy. You’ve done what everyone else says you should do, but you’re unhappy and can’t imagine continuing to live this way. You want to take your life back, to take YOU back, but you don’t know how without hurting everyone you care about.

I’ve been where you are and am honestly still learning to create exactly the kind of life I want to live (with a thriving business that allows me to travel and raise a family with financial and emotional freedom) and to be the kind of strong, confident, peaceful woman that I want to be.

When I found Rapid Transformational Therapy, it truly changed my life. It gave me a new sense of possibility, inner peace, clarity, and freedom. Freedom to release who I no longer wanted to be and create the space necessary for me to explore who it is that I DO want to be.


After getting certified as an RTT Practitioner, it has given me the freedom to help others in a way that lights a fire inside my soul.

Today, I feel like I have found my soul calling, and it’s to help people like you and I to love and empower themselves so they can shed who they were and become who they want to be.

Every single one of us deserves to live the happy life of meaning and purpose we know deep down that we are truly meant to live. And it’s about uncovering that person and allowing that person to shine.



Here’s my story in case you want to read about it:

For most of my life, I strived to be better than. I was a people pleaser, a good girl. I got straight A’s and constantly sought out approval, especially from people who never seemed to give it.

6 months after graduating from grad school armed with a shiny occupational therapy degree and license and a bigger paycheck than I had ever seen in my life, I realized I was still very unhappy.

I was trained and paid to help people, but most days, I’d leave work questioning whether I had really helped anyone or not. I felt like I needed to do more, but I had no energy or time left to give.

Worst of all, I felt like nobody understood.

Everyone just kept telling me that I should be enjoying my life more than I was or that I was lucky to have such a well-paying job and career.

I hated hearing that.

So to me at the time, my choices were…

  1. Continue being the good girl, my family’s pride and joy, but feel miserable for the rest of my life, OR…

  2. I could do something different, although I had no idea what that was much less how to make a living doing it, and everyone would shake their heads in disappointment at me.

Eventually, my dedication (stubbornness? :P) to finding out how I could use my best skills and interests to help people won the battle. But it wasn’t without a LOT of heartache, tears, failed launches, huge brick walls of self doubt and shame, and lots and lots of support from others.

It wasn’t until I started embracing ME in my entirety -

Not just the masculine, linear, go-go-go side of me…

But also the softer, intuitive, compassionate, feminine side of me…

- that I started feeling happier.

All the time and energy I used to spend worrying about what other people think, feel, or say is now spent on clearly and confidently choosing what I want to think, feel, say and experience.

Instead of seeing restrictions on who I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to do and when I’m supposed to do it around every corner, I see possibility.

There are an infinite number of ways I can choose to live my life, an infinite number of ways I can choose to be. An infinite number of ways for me to answer my calling to help others feel better and live better, happier, more soul-fulfilling lives.

And while such choices used to feel overwhelming to me, I now feel clearer about who I am (and who I am not), about my purpose in life, my value, my worth.

To be honest, I do not have everything figured out.

And as I’ve learned the hard way, nobody ever does and nobody ever will. Because that’s the beauty and the point of life.

But even though I don’t have everything figured out, it doesn’t stress me out or overwhelm me like it used to. Life is uncertain - I have accepted it and am on my way to fully embracing it.

No matter what happens in life, I know that I have my driving ambition and work ethic to get my work done, AND I know I have my intuition to help guide me along my path to my Future Self and her Grand Vision.

And this helps greatly in easing the fear of uncertainty!




Together, I can teach you all that I have learned so far on my path to self love, self acceptance, and self compassion so that you can move on to create the life of your dreams.

Although I was trained in Western medicine as an occupational therapist (and still practice in home health on the side), my heart and soul LIGHT THE EFF UP when practicing hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, and coaching with my clients.

Together, we uncover and TRANSFORM subconscious beliefs, stories, and blocks so you can reconnect with your Inner Self, your core self, your true self, and create the fulfilling, happy, successful life that your soul most desires.

TL;DR: I am an occupational therapist who became trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy and now use my own personal experiences and all that I study to coach other men and women to love the skin they’re in and rise up to create the happy life their soul is calling on them to create.

Thank you for reading!

With love,



“I was ready for a shift in my thinking and being, and was open to what the Universe would bring…Through poignant questions, Jessica guided me through layers of myself to help me remember my True Self. All of this, of course, propels me forward toward my ultimate goal: complete financial freedom!” - Victor L., Los Angeles

“Jessica is amazing. A kind and compassionate woman, who is unconditionally supportive. Her gentle yet powerful guidance has helped me be more vulnerable to put myself out on social media…Absolutely LOVE Jessica!” - Carine C., Los Angeles