Video: Healing chronic back pain - get clear on future self

*Actual snippet from Module 2 in Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program.

For someone who has chronic pain, thinking about the future can be stressful and sometimes just causes more pain. You can only think in the now. You’re focused on either decreasing your pain right now or doing your best to ignore it so that you can still get shit done.

But this is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to healing chronic back pain.

There’s a train of thought out there that says that our external reality is shaped by our internal thoughts.

If your thoughts are focused on how finances are scary and frustrating, then each time you pick up a bill or check out your savings account, you’ll feel scared and frustrated.

If your thoughts are focused on how kind people are, you’ll walk through life meeting a ton of kind people.

And with pain….well, if your thoughts are constantly focused on pain, whether it’s the severity (How much pain do you feel from 0-10?) or wondering if going for a run will make it worse or “I HATE pain! I DON’T WANT any more!”, you’re going to see and feel the world through a lens in which PAIN takes the leading role.

You’re going to keep encountering experiences that remind you of your pain and continue to make you think thoughts about pain.

Whereas if your thoughts are focused on feeling loved, feeling supported, feeling comfortable, and feeling peaceful, that’s the lens through which you see and experience your reality. That’s the kind of experiences you will get to experience.

Spend time to get clear on who your future self is, and only mention the things you WANT.

Pain is not something you want in the future, so don’t mention pain in your vision of future self. Apply this same rule to everything else that you don’t want. Start focusing and naming all the things that you do want. All the things you want to see, hear, feel, taste, and touch as future you.

Check out this article’s corresponding video snippet from Module 2 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program below.


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