FREEBIE: 6 Easy Desk Fixes to Relieve Symptoms & Save $$$


Ever get a really great massage or tension relieving session with a chiro? Only to find your symptoms creeping back the minute you return to your position behind your desk?

Mistake most people make...

"The culprit must be my desk! I need buy new stuff!" Not quite. 

The culprit is really your position at your desk.

And it's all about adjusting your workstation to best support you, your unique body, and your actual work needs. Someone who needs to use the phone often and does most of her work bent over books or piles of physical documents will have a different set up than a techy start up employee who spends 100% of her time on a laptop. 

And to be honest, in my experience as an ergnomist, I have not encountered many workstations that really require expensive new equipment. 

So put your wallet away!

Don't start Amazon-ing a standing desk or new fancy "ergo" chair or anything just yet.

Desk Fixes for Pain Relief

Check out the following 6 desk adjustments before you consider shopping.

1. Sit Directly

In front of your keyboard AND monitor. Position yourself directly in front of the QWERTY letters part of the keyboard as opposed to the entire keyboard with number pad.

2. Get Rid of Armrests  

The closer you sit to your desk, the more your forearms can rest on the table surface and the less shoulder pain you'll have. Get your shoulders directly on top of your elbows. Get rid of the arm rests if they're in the way.

3. Grab Some Pillows

If your chair isn't high enough to allow your elbows to sit directly below your shoulders, throw a pillow under your butt. If you can't sit all the way back in your seat without the backs of your knees touching the seat edge, throw a pillow behind your back to push your butt forward. 

4. Lean Back

That's what the back rest is for! It's there to support your back so that your back muscles don't have to fire all day long to keep your back straight. Sit all the way back in your seat and use that back rest.

5. Sit Perpendicular

Many people like to sit with their computer directly in front of a window. To reduce glare on the screen and eye strain (common causes of migraines), be sure to sit perpendicular to a window.

6. Keep Your Desk Clear

The clearer your desk, the more space you have for your body to move. Restricted spaces for your body can lead to tense muscles, which then lead to pain, decreased focus, and fatigue. 


Save Your Money! 

Fitting our environment to our specific physical needs is just as important as (if not easier than, heh) shifting our internal environment to reduce pain and stress.

By following these 6 adjustments, you're not only saving money on new equipment, you're also saving money on those massage/chiro/physical therapy sessions. 


If you are looking for a personal desk assessment and specific suggestions for equipment that fits your budget, shoot me a message at