Emotional Components of Insomnia

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Insomnia has been a very hot topic these days. 

Seems like everyone has experienced having trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep at some point. 

And for those of us who have experienced this repeatedly, we know how damaging it is to our overall wellbeing. Sleep is meant to allow our bodies and minds (and spirits) to re-juice, recover, rest, and revive. Without restful sleep, we get a whole slew of problems ranging from headaches to brain fog to decreased focus and attention to increased stress. And more.

Why aren't the usual strategies working? 

You've probably heard all the strategies to reduce insomnia (change your bedtime routine, take a bath, banish screens before bed), and you've tried it all. But still, there are nights that you lay awake, bleary eyed, your mind still racing horses in your mind.

That's because the usual strategies are superficially focused on reducing insomnia. I like to call them bandaids because they really just cover up the deeper root cause and when used excessively, can distract you from actually healing on a a deeper level. 

So what is the root cause of insomnia?

Insomnia is usually caused by some underlying emotions of anxiety and stress. And stress is caused by our thoughts. In order to figure out which thoughts are causing anxiety and stress, I recommend finding some quiet time to look inside for answers. Some call this meditation. You can call it whatever you want. Me-time? Add a glass of wine? 


According to Louise Hay, a world renowned metaphysical teacher and lecturer, insomnia is due to "fear, not trusting the process of life, and guilt."

"I lovingly release the day and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself." - Affirmation for insomnia, Louise Hay, "Heal Your Body"

The middle of the night may not be the best time to dive in deep and do some soul-searching and thought processing, so repeating this affirmation and really feeling the meaning behind the words can help you fall back asleep. 

When you are feeling rested enough the next day, I highly suggest you take some of that me-time to really sift through your thoughts. Consider which ones are causing you the most stress and anxiety. Are these thoughts that you need to have? Where did they come from? Who did they come from? 

A lot of times, we realize that we're actually living by other people's rules! 

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