Video: Healing back pain through forgiveness

*Actual snippet from Module 8 of my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program.

When we hold on to certain negative energies, thoughts, or feelings in our body, they can manifest physically in our bodies as pain. And without healing the root cause of these negative energies, the pain will continue to show up over and over again, leading to chronic pain.

A few examples of such energies include:

  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Guilt
  • Holding a grudge
  • Hurt
  • Self-victimization

These feelings are a result of the thoughts we have about a certain experience we had. And luckily for us, thoughts can be changed.

An important thing to note here is that emotions are important and necessary, and we should never deny ourselves our emotions. By healing our thoughts that lead to negative emotions, though, we are freeing ourselves from thinking negatively about ourselves and others.

One way to start shifting our energy and shifting our thoughts about a certain situation is through the act of forgiveness.

In my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program, I adapted the strategy learned from Colin Tipping’s “Radical Forgiveness” book. You can purchase the book here.


Through this method, you learn to see that the other person was basically carrying out a role for you in your life so that the very thing that you most need healed in your body is reflected for you to see.

Our external experiences are direct mirrors of what is happening inside of us. If you have chronic back pain and constantly feel like nobody is supporting you, this external reality is reflecting to you the internal work that needs to be done so that you always feel supported by yourself first and foremost.

Sam's Story

One of my clients, we’ll call him Sam, recalled a situation when he was 6 years old with a classmate that he walked home with. He remembered this little girl yelling, “This is why you’ll never have friends!” and running off towards her own home.

This is an experience he still often revisits as an adult.  He recalls feeling worried, shameful, and sad because he thought his parents would stop talking to him as well. He couldn’t remember the details behind what caused the little girl to say that.

After going through the forgiveness process outlined in Tipping’s book, Sam recalled more details around the incident. He remembered that the little girl was reacting to a political sign on his front lawn that was different from everybody else’s in the neighborhood.  

And he realized the little girl was probably just acting out of fear. She was the one who was afraid of being an outsider, afraid of being different from everyone else, and afraid of not having any friends. And to dispel her fear, she projected it onto Sam.

Sam also realized that his response then and even now indicate his own lack of self-love and ability to appreciate and accept his own differences.  After working through to forgiveness and sending this little girl love, Sam felt like a weight had been lifted.

Every time someone upsets him now, he's able to see what their possible projection is as well as where he needs continued healing and self-love. He even reported walking more upright, with zero discomfort in his back, than he had for many years!


Once you can shift your perspective to seeing how the other person is playing a role to help you heal a deeper root issue, you can begin to forgive and send love to this person. You’ll feel a weight being lifted, and surprisingly, your physical body will feel better as well.

Check out this article’s corresponding video below.


This article and video are actual snippets from Module 8 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program. It is designed to support people with chronic back pain to uncover the deeper root cause of their pain and heal on body, mind, and soul levels. For more info, please visit,