Video: Press & hold technique for immediate back pain relief

*Actual snippet from Module 3 of Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program

Finding relief for chronic back pain (besides medication) can be difficult. The following is a technique you can use to release tight back muscles, for example, after a long day of work or sitting or walking for a period of time.

Press & Hold Technique

  1. While sitting down, find a tight muscle in your back. This is very effective for knots too.
  2. Press a finger gently anywhere along that tight muscle or on a knot.
  3. Take a deep breath in, focus in on that muscle. Imagine that tight muscle in your mind.
  4. When you exhale, just imagine that tight muscle releasing and relaxing. You can even imagine pouring some soothing water over that tight muscle, allowing it to loosen up.

You can play around with this technique, try pressing a little harder, try exhaling extremely slowly, try different visualizations.

Client Example: Water the Dry Dirt

One client of mine had an interesting image that came up as he tried this exercise. He found that in his mind’s eye, his tight muscle was stuck in some dry dirt.

As he imagined pouring water over the stuck muscle, the dry dirt loosened up, allowing his tight muscle to relax. And eventually he even saw a small blade of grass that grew out of the dirt.

After this exercise, he reported that his back muscle had loosened and he felt a great relief from pain.  

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