Video: Release false beliefs to heal back pain

*Actual snippet from Module 7 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program.

In the previous post, we talked about how the main cause of chronic back pain is stress, and the cause of stress is our thoughts.

Stress is inevitable in life. But there are good kinds of stress and bad kinds of stress. The bad kind is the one that does nothing for us or stops us from being better, happier, healthier people.

These kinds of thoughts, like, “Nobody loves me” and “If I don’t clean the entire house today, I will fall apart,” can also be thought of as bullshit rules aka brules.

Some of the rules we believe in have been passed down through our family generations, and some we learned through our own experiences over the years. So believe it or not, many of us still believe the rules about ourselves, others, love, society, etc. that we learned to believe when we were 3. For example, “girls shouldn’t be too bossy” or “you have to work your ass off to be happy.”  Ha, or my favorite (from my own dear dad), “There’s no such thing as overworking.”

These bullshit rules dictate the actions and thoughts that we think on a daily basis. They cause stress, which then exacerbates or may even be the root cause of our chronic pain. 

Since all rules are learned, it also means that we can learn new rules. We can replace the old ones with new ones that empower us, lift us up, make us happier and healthier.

In the video below, learn a method to release old brules and begin your journey towards true healing.


This article and video are actual snippets from Module 7 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program. It is designed to support people with chronic back pain to uncover the deeper root cause of their pain and heal on body, mind, and soul levels. For more info, please visit,