Video: Sleep tips for healing chronic back pain

*Actual snippet from Module 5 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program.

Is your bed set up to relieve back pain?

When we have chronic back pain, the bed may not be as restful as it can be. And without the proper rest, pain becomes worse the next day. For some of us, this is a vicious cycle.

The following are some tips you can follow to make sure your bed is set up for back pain relief.

If you sleep on your back …

Firmer mattress:

if your mattress is too soft, it can flatten out the lumbar (low back) curve of your spine. You want a mattress that is firm enough to gently cradle the curves of your spine, but not so firm that you feel pressure on your joints or hips.

Pillow under knees:

By placing a pillow under your knees, you can relieve some low back pressure in your lumbar curve and support better spine alignment.

Flatter pillow:

You want a pillow that gently supports the natural curve in your neck. Most back sleepers tend to use a pillow that is too thick and they find themselves waking up with their chin touching their chest and their neck feeling very sore.


If you sleep on your side…

Softer mattress:

A softer mattress can allow your shoulders and hips to sink in a way that your spine is in neutral position. If someone was looking at your back while you were on your side, they can draw a straight line down your back.

Pillow between knees:

Placing a firm pillow in between your knees and tucking your knees up a little towards your chest can help keep the spine in neutral alignment.

Pillow under the top arm:

This can help to reduce upper arm discomfort and numbness as well as prevent excess twisting in the upper back.

Thicker pillow:

In order to better support the curse of your neck and your head, be sure to use a firmer pillow

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This article and video are actual snippets from Module 5 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program. It is designed to support people with chronic back pain to uncover the deeper root cause of their pain and heal on body, mind, and soul levels. For more info, please visit,