Video: Stress & pain are caused by thoughts

*Actual snippet from Module 6 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program.

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of charting and how it can help uncover clues that can help us along our healing journey.

So now you’ve done the work of charting and maybe you’re more conscious of the types of patterns you have.

But there’s another common barrier here. For example, if you find yourself in the same kinds of crappy relationships, you know there’s a pattern. But now the next step is to get out of it. Too often do people say, “Well, that’s just the way I am. There’s nothing I can do about it.”

Cue Jessica hopping madly from one foot to another, whisper shouting, “WHAT?! THERE TOTALLY IS!”

All silliness aside, the biggest cause of chronic pain is stress.

And stress is caused by none other than our thoughts.

You probably noticed patterns relating to stress and pain in your chart. By taking a closer look at the patterns you found, you can start asking yourself what kinds of thoughts you’re thinking that make you feel stressed.

In the next blog post, we’ll talk about what you can do to start changing such thoughts.

Check out this article’s corresponding video to see what the common stressful though patterns are that most people with chronic back pain have.


This article and video are actual snippets from Module 6 in my Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program. It is designed to support people with chronic back pain to uncover the deeper root cause of their pain and heal on body, mind, and soul levels. For more info, please visit,