Video: Uncover hidden patterns to heal back pain

*Actual snippet from Module 4 of Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program.

Chronic back pain is typically caused by something much deeper than what may be happening physically in your body. One of the methods to uncover the root cause of your pain is through charting.

What’s the point of charting?

We tend to think that we know everything there is to know about ourselves. But sometimes, it takes someone else, whether friend, family, or even stranger, to point out a certain thought or action pattern we regularly partake in.

For example, if you’re constantly in the same kinds of relationships, your friends may see the pattern before you do.

This is because most of us rarely take the time to look inwards and notice our patterns. When we’re dealing with chronic pain, finding the time and energy to do this becomes even more difficult.

By keeping a physical chart, we are consciously choosing to learn more about ourselves, instead of waiting for someone else to tell us. All you have to do is just mark down how you’re feeling at a certain time.

[Some of us do notice our patterns, especially the ones that keep showing up and make us really unhappy, but we chalk it up to “well, that’s just the way I am and there’s nothing I can do to change that.” More on this in another blog post.]

Why be conscious of our patterns?

The patterns we see through charting help us uncover clues to the root cause of our stress and pain.

Awareness is a crucial part of change and healing. If you don’t know the root cause of your pain, it will continue to show up in your life.  Or it might change into something worse until you do figure the root cause out.

So what to chart?

Here are a few typical items I ask every one of my clients to chart. The goal is to uncover hidden clues and patterns that tell us what the deeper root cause of your back pain is.

  • Time of day
  • Diet
  • Activity duration
  • Activity level
  • Stress level
  • Pain level

You can start out by charting these 5 items 3 times a day. In order to learn more about how to actually uncover patterns and what exactly they tell us, please visit

Check out the corresponding video snippet from Module 4 in my Back Pain:Deep Healing Digital Program below.



The Back Pain: Deep Healing digital program is designed to support people with chronic back pain to uncover the deeper root cause of their pain and heal on body, mind, and soul levels.