Recommended Reading: Cure by Jo Marchant

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I picked up this book a little while ago to learn more about what the medicine world now currently believes about the mind-body connection. 

This is a topic that has been shunned by medical professionals, although there’s clear evidence that there is such a healing connection. 

In “Cure: A Journey Into the Science of Mind and Body,” Dr. Jo Marchant talks about her world wide travels speaking with physicians, patients, and researchers to learn more about the mind-body connection.

I loved the discussion about the placebo effect. In research studies where scientists study the effect of a certain intervention (medication, treatment, etc.) on a problem (disease, illnuess, etc.), subjects are split up into one group that does not get the intervention and another group that does. The results for the two groups are then compared to see if the intervention had an significant effect at all on the problem. In the really good research studies, they actually have blind groups, meaning the subjects themselves, as well as the researchers, do not know whether the subject actually got the intervention or not. Placebo effect is when the blind group that actually did not receive the intervention still improved significantly.  

Scientists usually throw out these results and even consider these good effects to be sullying for the entire study because it invalidates the intervention they were trying to prove worked. In this book, Marchant emphasizes the importance of also studying the placebo effect, since after all, we’re all just trying to help people feel better, right? 

Dr. Marchant also goes into the benefits of hypnotherapy as well, which some of you may know is a topic I love! I also understand that there is a lot of resistance to it as well (I did too!) so I highly suggest this book if you’re considering hypnotherapy and have some hesitations about it. 

This book was easy to read and actually quite riveting. Marchant is an incredible story teller. She talks about the closing bridge between “healing thoughts,” which was a realm taken by New Age-y types, and science- and data- driven researchers and scientists. 

A bridge between my two favorite worlds! Finally! 

Anyway, I enjoyed this book and it gave me hope that there are doctors out there who are finally paying more attention to the mind body connection and how we can actually be taught to heal ourselves from the inside out. I hope you enjoy it and can connect it to your own healing as well! 

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Jessica May Tang