3 reasons why future self is crucial to living a more expansive life  


Future Self is about figuring out who you want to be so you can be that person, not in the future, but today.  

Your future self could be you in 20 years, 5 years, 5 months, even 5 seconds. Future Self represents the “highest” version of yourself. The truest version. The version you would be right now if money, time, and energy were not limiting factors.

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?” Do you remember when you’d get asked this question and it was fun to answer? You’d answer proudly and say, “Firefighter.” Or “ballerina.” And then as you got older and endured more patronizing pats on the head, you wised up and started saying things like, “Veterinarian.” Or “doctor.” Or in my case, “An editor.” 

And as you got older, your idea of Future Self got more and more toned down. 

The more our parents and teachers told us, “You can’t make a living doing that. That’s not a career, it’s a hobby,” the more our imaginations shut down. A lucky few of us actually wanted to do something that was generally approved by our family and friends, but most of us ended up studying things and going into jobs that were completely disjointed from who we really wanted to be when we used to daydream about who we wanted to be.

This conflict within causes us to question ourselves or completely distrust our intuition.

We know that we could be so much more – there’s a tugging in our souls that we aren’t doing what we could be doing. And subconsciously (or consciously), we know that this tugging is from knowing that we aren’t serving the world in the best way possible, even though we’ve been told that we are doing so by being in whatever approved career we’re in now.

And this conflict can cause us to constantly question ourselves. If what I really want to do isn’t “right,” then how do I know if what I think or do ever is the “right thing”? What is the right thing?

Believe me, I’ve gone down this path myself. I went to USC to get a Master’s degree in occupational therapy (my family was proud), graduated, and hopped around 5 different jobs before finally throwing my hands in the air like, “I did everything right. I did everything I was supposed to do, so I’m supposed to be happy now. But I’m miserable! What’s wrong with me?”

I eventually decided to start my own business, but these confidence issues definitely got in the way. It wasn’t until I started my own Future Self practice that my business flourished.

Here are the ways having a Future Self practice helped me and will help you too! 

1.    Future Self helps you make decisions faster.

Future Self basically provides you with a compass. Whenever you need to make decisions, you can “tap into” Future Self by recreating the feelings that your Future Self has in your body before asking for guidance.

And asking for guidance can sound like, “Which way should I go?” or “What would Future (insert your name here) do?” or “Let’s fill in the blank – I am Future (your name) and I want to ---.”)

The trick is to keep your mind’s eyes and ears open to receive the true answer while you ask this question. And the true answer will be the very very first one that comes up. Learn to trust that first answer. No matter how weird it sounds.

Thoughts that arise after the initial one (especially the ones that start with “but…” or “what if…”) are usually fear-based thoughts coming from your ego and not from your highest, truest self.

So it may be uncomfortable to do this at first, especially if you’re someone who’s used to making decisions based on which one will help you avoid rejection or gain the most approval from others.

That’s your ego mind keeping you in your comfort zone. Please know that you are not alone in this, and with more practice, making decisions and following through with the guidance you receive will get easier and easier. 

Before long, you’ll notice that people start to pay attention to you more instead of dismissing you as that wishy-washy person.


2.    Future Self alleviates fears and blocks.

When tapping into the feelings/vibration of Future Self, these fears naturally melt away. If you sit still right now, close your eyes, take deep breaths and start recreating those feelings in your body, you’ll notice that there is no fear, no worry. You feel like nothing can get in your way of feeling the way that you do.

It’s not until your ego mind kicks in with its fear-based thoughts that you start doubting whether your Future dreams will come true. And as long as you have such fears and worries, your physical reality will continue to reflect this.

So by tapping into your Future Self more and more often, you’re gradually diminishing and eventually eliminating such thoughts from your mind.

And as you experience more and more positive experiences coming out of following your intuition (or inner guidance or highest thought, whatever you want to call it), you are also giving your brain positive reinforcement for continuing to make decisions based on Future Self.


3.    Future Self builds confidence.

By having a compass, you’ll feel much more grounded. By making decisions that align with your highest and truest self, you will feel surer of yourself. 

And of course the more you experience positive experiences from tapping into Future Self, the more your fears and blocks diminish, your confidence will also increase.

So I’m encouraging you to keep dreaming and creating. Keep dreaming up who your Future Self is, starting with the feelings.

And realize that the more you dream, the more you tap into Future Self, and the more you do that, the more you act in accordance with your Future Self, and the more chances you get to explore Who You Truly Want To Be.

Future Self provides clarity, confidence, and drive. The sooner you get clear on your Future Self, the sooner you’ll get there.

To help you get clear on your Future Self, I also have a free recorded guided meditation that you can instantly access and listen to by clicking the button below. 

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