3 Tips to Make Better Decisions in Your Life & Business

Tips to Make Better Decisions in Your Life & Biz

Have you ever felt like you made a great decision, but then later looked back to realize you'd made an awful mistake?

Or maybe you knew it wasn’t the right decision to begin with, but you felt like you had to go with it for whatever reason?

Then maybe felt guilt or shame, e.g. "Ugh, how could I have made that mistake?" "I knew I should've chosen the other thing!"

And because of this experience, you went on to doubt many other decisions you have made and need to make in the future.

Exhausting, especially if you're trying to run a business, right?

So what if we could get better at making decisions? What would your life feel like? What would you business feel like? Take a moment to imagine it. 

Now read on to check out the following tips that can help you make "better" decisions in your life. 

There's no need to judge yourself for making "bad" decisions anymore - in fact, doing so creates never-ending replays of those old life and business patterns that aren't serving you. 

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Tip 1: Stop labeling your choices as “good” or “bad,” or “right” or “wrong.” Ask yourself instead which choices will bring you further into alignment with Who You Are or Who You Want to Be.

This was a huge paradigm shift that I’ve learned over the years that has helped me significantly in making faster decisions.

“Good, bad, right, and wrong” are values that we assign to things, events, people, circumstances, etc. They are values that we assign to things based on our thoughts about them. And our thoughts are completely self-created as well as completely creative as they are largely responsible for creating the life that we currently have, as well as the life we will have. 

So instead of assigning judgments to our decisions, a more empowering question to ask yourself is, “Which decision is in alignment with Who I Am?”

The power to make a decision and create meaning lies entirely in your own mind. And if you don't know Who You Are, that's ok! Focus on the feelings that you want to feel instead. If the feeling is "peaceful," then the question becomes, "Which decision will help me feel the most peaceful?" 

So instead of judging your choices as right or wrong, see for just one day if you can see them just as they are – choices.

And the only thing you’re deciding is which of the choices are more aligned with Who You Are Right Now or Who You Want to Be.     

Tip 2: Shift your thinking about old “mistakes."

Usually we feel like we've made a "mistake" when we get an outcome we are not expecting and/or do not like. We look back and label the action we took as a mistake.

Does this bring back images of your mother chastising you, "You made a mistake! What did you learn from this?" It does for me, and it doesn't feel good! 

When we label our past decisions as mistakes, it can bring up more feelings of shame and guilt and not-enoughness. Not great feelings to have as an adult who has things to do, places to be, a business to run! 

So instead of looking at it as a mistake, see your decision for the simple choice that it is. You can call it an aligned or misaligned choice. 

Then take a look at the outcome and decide if you want to call the outcome an aligned or misaligned outcome. 

Over time and as you continue to practice Tip 1 from above, you'll see that you make aligned decisions that sometimes create misaligned results. 

So what do you do if that happens? 

You can take a look back at what happened between your aligned decision and the misaligned result and see if there's anything you can tweak to create a more aligned result next time! 

And if the original decision was a misaligned one? It's still not a "mistake!" Actually, through that misaligned decision, you ended up gathering more information about Who You Are Not.

Which inevitably helps you become even clearer about Who You Are.

And by having more clarity about Who You Are, you will continue to get better at making decisions that are in alignment with or move your further into alignment with Who You Want to Be! 

Tip 3: To feel certain that you have made the right decision, you can simply consult your gut...aka intuition. 

Here's how:

Sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, breathe deeply, open your mind up to receiving the very first answer that pops into your head, whether it comes in the shape of pictures, words, or feelings. Then ask yourself the question you want to ask, “Which decision will best allow me to express Who I Am?”

The key part is being open and receptive to the answers as they come, especially the first one.

Next is to wholeheartedly trust the answers you get, and carry it out without doubting it.

And if you get conflicting answers, the first one that came to mind is always the right one, so pay attention!

Through this process you are practicing listening to your intuition and trusting it. The more often you do this, the stronger your intuitive voice becomes, and the EASIER decision-making becomes. No more second-guessing. 

Intuition is like a muscle that you’re born with, and it always gives you the correct answer. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. So strong that no matter what decision you need to make, no matter how big or how small, no matter what type of problem you need solved, your intuition will guide you in the right direction.

Gone are the days of self doubt and overthinking and going back and forth in your mind. Imagine how much time and energy you would save and be able to use on doing things you actually enjoy!

Hope you found these three tips useful for you to make more efficient decisions!



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