6 super easy steps to tap into your future self & make better decisions


In my previous post, “3 Reasons Why Future Self is Crucial to Living a More Expansive Life,” you learned how regularly tapping into your future self can help you:

  • make faster and more aligned decisions

  • alleviate fears and blocks

  • and build confidence.

So in this post, you’ll learn the following 6 super easy steps to quickly tap into your Future Self so you can take massive action towards creating the life you want. 

Step 1: Turn your attention inward.

This could mean finding a quiet space to close your eyes and slow your breathing down. But you can also do this in a noisy setting too. It’s just about turning your attention inwards to your soul. You can do that by paying attention to your breathing or heart rate and see if you can slow them down.

Step 2: Recreate the feelings that future self feels inside your body.

You don’t need a long list of feelings or details about your future self to do this. Think about a general feeling that your Future Self feels, like peace, joy, or love. And just feel that feeling in your mind and body.

For people who are more visual, it might help to imagine a glowing ball somewhere. Scan your body to see where you are feeling that feeling. For example, some people feel joy in their heart space. Now imagine a ball of light glowing there. Pay attention to what it looks like and what it’s doing. Is there a color? How bright is it? Is it pulsing, jumping, radiating?

For people who are more auditory, it will help to keep your mind’s ears open to what that feeling sounds like. Joy might sound like your favorite upbeat pop song, while peace may sound like your favorite piano tune.

Step 3: Double that feeling inside your body .

Intensify that feeling inside your body. For visual people, intensify that ball of light, whatever that means to you. It could mean that the light shines brighter or it radiates further, or maybe the colors change, or the pulses a bit faster. For auditory people, intensify the sounds you hear.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until you feel full.

Step 5: At the height of these feelings, if you have an important decision to make or want some guidance about next steps, ask your question and open up your mind or heart space to receive the answer.

There is no right way to do this, so just do whatever feels right for you. For some people, they like to roll their shoulders back, chest up, arms out wide. For others, they just imagine their mind being open to receiving answers.

Step 6: The first thought, feeling, scene, etc. that comes to your mind is your answer.

Many times, people don't like the first answer that comes up, so they search their for the next one or one that they feel is more so the "correct" answer. Try your hardest not to do this. THIS is something that you've tried before and probably have done all your life, and it hasn't gotten you to where you want to be. 

So this is an exercise in trust. Trust in your own intuition. Trust that first answer that comes up. We've always had this first answer and our intuition - it's just that over time, we learned that this first answer was always the wrong one, so we learned to distrust it. 

Challenge yourself to trying these 6 steps out every single day upon waking and then following through with that one answer that you get each time. And see how your life changes. 

Hop on over to The Love Yourself Community to let us know if you tried this strategy out and what the outcome was for you!