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How needing outside approval can lead to physical pain

For most of us, we were raised on external approval, whether it was from parents or teachers or friends. However, the need for external approval, and especially not getting it, can eventually build up into feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and resentment. And the build-up of such feelings in our bodies can create physical illness.

On Monday, Rachel and I did a Facebook Live training on how this happens and how you can move towards healing your body.

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For those struggling with a chronic condition...

Rachel Reimer is a medical intuitive – she uses her intuition to get information about the emotional root causes of another person’s medical conditions. In combining both our skills together, her intuitive abilities to pinpoint the exact emotional root cause of physical health symptoms with my hypnotherapy and coaching skills, we have been able to not only help each other process and recover from our own chronic health issues, but we’ve been able to help others as well!
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Video: 20-second rule for healing chronic back pain

Our brains always choose the easier path. The path most traveled. When healing from chronic pain, you may have realized that some of the thoughts and beliefs you have are bullshit, and you’re doing the work to replace them with more empowering beliefs. But incorporating these new beliefs and actions into your daily life can be tricky because your brain always automatically wants you to believe and do the things you’ve always believed and done.

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Video: Connecting with others when healing from chronic back pain

Feeling disconnected and unsupported is often a huge component of chronic back pain. When healing chronic pain, releasing false beliefs, and adopting more empowering ones, you may notice some of your relationships shifting. And it’s crucial for you to connect with others who support the new healthy you instead of retreating into isolation during this time.

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