Free 5-Day Challenge: Clarity for Freedom! Starting 11/12/18

About a month ago, I felt called to hold a free challenge week to help other multipassionate entrepreneurs like myself to uncover their grand vision for their life and business, let go of whatever is sapping their energy and confidence, and take hugely focused steps towards turning that vision into reality. I’m excited to finally invite you to join!!

Who this challenge is for:  

This challenge is designed for you if you are a relatively new entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who has been in the game for a while and struggling with struggling with overwhelm, fatigue, and stress. You may have a buch of different interests in life that have led to a bunch of different business ideas, and it causes you to have a hard time focusing your attention.

Some people call this “shiny object syndrome.” Either way, you’re not seeing the kind of success you’d like to see in your business and neither are you making the impact you wish to make on the people you feel called to help. 

I see you, my friend, and I got you. :)  

How this challenge will go down:  

I was originally just going to post a short Facebook live video each day of the week, but my heart and soul really wants to meet you guys individually, so I decided to just do it group coaching style!  

We will be starting on Monday, November 12, 2018 at 9am PST. Once you register, you’ll get some more details. For those of you who want to take advantage of the free personalized coaching, you’ll want to look out for the Zoom (video conferencing) link and join that group each day at 9am PST. 

Each day, I will take you through an exercise live. I promise there are never ever any right or wrong answers for any of the exercises we do together, so the more open you can be when you attend, the more you’ll get out of the experience. Be open to sharing as well as receiving from the other group members.

If you need help or have a question during the exercise and you’ve joined us in the Zoom room, all you have to do is raise your hand and ask your question. I’ll help you out to the best of my abilities right then and there. So more more waiting around for a Q&A session or not feeling fully present during the exercises because you need to remember a really important question you want to ask.  

What you will get out of it: 

Oh, so many things!! :)  

For one, you will “get” the exact method that I use (and that I teach every single one of my paid clients to use) to make any decisions in life or business with confidence and clarity. You always have the right answer, it’s just that none of us ever take the time to really listen to it. My job is to help you learn how to do that again. 

My goal is also to provide you with unconditional love and support during that week, and to show you that there are others just like yourself who are going through what you’re going through. The biggest reasons why we “fail” in today’s world are because we suffer in silence and we suffer alone. 

So you’ll also be a part of a Facebook community. The link to join the group will be sent to you once you register for the challenge. This Facebook community is only for those who are also taking the challenge, so you’ll be able to ask for as well as provide support.  

So if this resonates with you, I’d like for you to do the following:

  1. Register for the challenge by clicking any of the links on this page. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE CHALLENGE.

  2. Check your email for the confirmation and join the Facebook group immediately.

  3. Write a post introducing yourself and your business AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, what you’re struggling with the most in your business. Not only does this help to let others know they are in the right place, but this also helps me make sure I answer your question during the challenge week. Let’s get the discussions started!

I’m so excited to meet you, to hear about your business, and all the transformations that are going to take place during the week. 

Catch ya on the flip side! 

With love, 


PS. In case you missed the link, here it is again: