How to listen to your inner voice using the bobble head method


Learning how to listen to my inner voice has been one of the most crucial practices I’ve learned in running a business with ease, freedom, and success. You are the only one that knows what the best business practices are for you, your business, and the lifestyle you want to live.

One of the biggest mistakes most of us make is continuing to spend a bunch of time, money, and energy on more marketing programs when we’ve already taken a bunch but somehow still aren’t making money. You can buy programs and learn strategies from experts all you want, but if you look at the most successful entrepreneurs, they created their own system that worked the best for themselves as unique individuals and for their specific business.

So the question is - How do you know what’s best for you and the business you want to create?

Answer: Tap into your inner voice.

There are many methods to tap into your inner voice

In one of my past blog posts on the how-to behind tapping into your inner voice (aka intuition), I taught a method of quieting your mind and listening to the first thing that pops up in your head. We’ll call it the first-thing method. In response to this post, a reader (shout out to Eric!) left me a comment saying that he would love to listen to his inner voice, but there are so many thoughts and voices going in his head at all times, he’s not sure which one is the first one.

So today, I’d like to share another method with you, inspired by Jess Lively. Let’s call it the bobble head method. Please remember that both the first-thing method and the bobble head method work well, so as always, just use whichever one resonates the most with you. I actually use a mixture of the two myself.

The bobble head method

The bobble head method is based on the idea that the real you is different from your inner voice which is also different from your mind. The mind is the voice of the ego which is only concerned with preserving your self identity. Its thoughts are usually doubtful and fearful because it wants to keep you as safe as possible.

The inner voice is the one that sounds peaceful, calm, and present. This is the voice of Universal Energy. This is the voice that reminds us that we are all connected. Everything in the universe is made of the same energy and we are all the same. Those of us who are humans are experiencing what it’s like to be human. Those of us that are tables and chairs are experiencing themselves as tables and chairs.

And the real you is the one that sits in the middle and is like a bobble head. It either looks up towards the mind to listen to the mind or it looks down towards the inner voice. Growing up, we get so used to listening to the mind and doing what the mind says, our bobble head seems to be stuck just looking up towards the mind. It’s been listening to the mind for so long, it thinks it IS the mind.

So the whole point is to help us learn that we are neither the mind, nor are we the inner voice - we are actually the thing in the middle that gets to choose which voice to listen to. And use this practice powerfully in helping ourselves build the life and business of our dreams, we want to be more conscious and aware of what we’re choosing. Change can only come out of awareness.

Next, I’ll teach you how to build awareness of these three elements.

Where is your mind, inner voice, and bobble head?

First you want to identify where your inner voice sits. So close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, quiet your mind (you can imagine turning down the volume of the thoughts in your head), and ask yourself, “Where does my inner voice reside?” For most people, it’s either in the gut or in the heart. For you, it might be somewhere else - just let it be.

Now the mind is the voice of the ego. It feeds you the doubtful, fearful thoughts that tell you you can’t live your life the way you want to because it’s too dangerous. It goes against too many rules you’ve created in your mind to protect you from pain or hurt. So turn your attention towards those types of thoughts ask yourself where your mind resides. For some it’s in the front or the back of the head.

Next you want to imagine that the “real” you, the true you, is sitting somewhere in the middle. It’s a bobble head probably somehwere in the middle of your chest or even your throat and it looks up to the mind to listen to the mind or it looks down to listen to the inner voice.

First off all, please note that distinguishing between all the voices takes practice, so give yourself time. Remember that the mind’s voice always sounds fearful and doubtful, possibly sarcastic, while the inner voice sounds peaceful, calming, and present. The mind says your whole life is falling apart, while the inner voice says that you are ok and everything will always be ok.

How to use the bobble head method to make decisions

You can ask yourself a question, like, “Am I moving in the right direction with my business?”

Bobble up to listen to your mind

Give yourself a moment, bobble your head up to listen to the mind. Identify the mind’s voice and write them down. Usually, the mind’s voice likes to go on for a bit, and that’s ok, just let it say its piece. Some of the biggest issues we encounter in our lives comes from not giving the mind enough attention. Not letting it say its piece so it like to keep repeating the same things over and over again until it feels heard.

Bobble down to listen to your inner voice

Then take a deep breath and bobble your head down to listen to your inner voice. Be quiet, don’t worry about writing, and just listen. The inner voice usually speaks very simply. For me, it’s usually only one or two words at a time. Write down what you hear.

Continue asking for better understanding of the answer

And then you can continue your line of questioning with the inner voice to understand what that one word means. Even if you hear a word and you immediately interpret it or feel like you know the intrepretation, I challenge you to ask your inner voice if your initial interpretation is the correct one or not...or if it was the mind trying to say its piece again.

So this is something you can do - practice being the bobble head and listen to your mind and your inner voice so that you can more readily and easily identify which voice you are listening to on a regular basis and which one you’d like to listen to more often.


Listen to a sample of this practice

On Jess Lively’s podcast, she shared quite a few client sessions for free. You can listen to these episodes and listen to how she teaches the client to be the bobble head. You also get to hear how to adopts the client’s mind and asks the client’s bobble head for answers. These are very insightful episodes and I highly encourage you to listen to them!!

Click here to listen to an episode that I think is perfect for beginners.

And as you get the hang of this practice, I highly recommend you listen to this one (Part 1) and this one (Part 2) in which her client Emily’s inner voice is FIRE. :D

With these episodes, you’re basically getting a taste of what my own coaching sessions are like. Obviously, Jess Lively and my coaching styles and personalities are different, but the focus is on empowering you to identify and listen to your inner voice with ease so you can release old patterns of fear and doubt, and show up fully and completely, as you build your business.


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