How to overcome fear of committing to one idea or one niche


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Have you ever had a brilliant business idea that got you so juiced up that you immediately got to work registering a domain name, building a website, and sharing it on social media? Then a few months later, another idea hits and instead of choosing which one you want to go with, you decide to add the new one into the mix.

Now you have one foot in each business and your attention is divided. You have to do double the work, but people aren’t engaging with your content in either business even though it feels like all you do is produce content day in and day out. You’re posting on your blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You’ve even created a course that no one is buying and maybe a podcast that 5 people are subscribed to. Before long, you end up feeling burnt out, uninspired, unmotivated, and then you fizzle out in both businesses in favor of a third business idea that’s popped up in your radar that sounds promising.

We need more willpower...don’t we?

On the outside looking in, this kind of behavior looks like a fear of commitment. It looks like you’re afraid to just commit to one of your ideas and playing full out in it. But I think it goes deeper than that. This behavior pattern is actually a manifestation of the fear of failure.

We keep one toe in each of our projects instead of deciding which ONE we want to work on and jumping all in with it because we are afraid that that ONE will fail. Then we’ll feel like we had wasted a bunch of time, money, and energy on building it. We think it’s better to try out a bunch of ideas at one time so that we can pick the one that is the most successful. This similar pattern is seen in finance too - “diversify to lower risk” is what made index funds so popular.

But I digress.

Thankfully nowadays, there are more articles and books out there (check out this blog post where I talk about Essentialism) encouraging people to do their homework and make smart, researched, and focused decisions instead.

The ironic thing is that if you do go all in with one of your business ideas while still feeling an overwhelming fear of failure, it’s more than likely that you will fail. Whatever you attend to becomes your reality. But instead of working on releasing the fear of failure, we like to tell ourselves that we need to exercise more willpower and COMMIT.

Address the fear of failure instead

Write down how you want to feel instead

So instead of focusing your attention on worrying about failing, what can you focus on instead? Write down a list of 3 feelings that you want to experience in your business and put this list where it’s easily accessible.

Ok, that part is all fine and dandy and probably something you’ve heard before, but bear with me.

Keep a list of evidence

This next part is something different. I want you to take each of those feelings you wrote down, and keep a list of evidence that you are already experiencing those feelings in your business. Write down specific examples and again, keep this list somewhere easily accessible, review it every day, and feel into those feelings every day.

This is you creating a mindset for success so that you’re ready for when it comes into your physical reality.

Feel into these feelings before choosing a business idea to focus on

In other words, you’re tapping into the feelings of the highest version of yourself and asking yourself for advice. “What would my highest self think, feel, or do?”

Not only does this practice help you make all kinds of decisions, it also helps you build trust and confidence in your inner guidance system. Think about all the times in the past that you’ve said, “I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to choose!” The more you tell yourself you DO know and practice tapping into the feelings of your highest self, the stronger your connection to your inner guidance system.

So with today’s blog post, I’ve hopefully helped you see that the real issue here is not your inability to commit, it’s the fear of failure that keeps you from building a more successful business.

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