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Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a HUGE new project that I am launching with my business partner, Rachel Reimer!

In Episode 22 of The Love Yourself Podcast (click here to listen), I introduced Rachel. Rachel is a medical intuitive – she uses her intuition to get information about the emotional root causes of another person’s medical conditions.

In the podcast episode, you get to hear about how Rachel developed and honed this skill, so I highly encourage you to give it a listen! You also get to hear Rachel doing her work live – she reads me right on the spot and helps me process what was going on for me in my life then.

In combining our skills together, her intuitive abilities to pinpoint the exact emotional root cause of physical health symptoms with my hypnotherapy and coaching skills, we have been able to not only help each other process and recover from our own chronic health issues, but we’ve been able to help others as well!

So our process goes like this.

You send in a picture to Rachel, and she uses that picture to gather information about your health symptoms and pinpoints its emotional root cause.

She is often able to get it down to how old you were, the types of people involved, and the meanings you created about yourself from that traumatic experience that was stored in your body all these years and is physically manifesting itself as a health concern.

In my work (Rapid Transformational Therapy, a deep dive form of hypnotherapy) alone, I am able to help people access their subconscious minds so that they themselves can uncover the root emotional cause of physical health symptoms.

BUT depending on how open the person’s mind is in allowing this access, the deepest root cause is not always uncovered on the first try.

Now with Rachel’s abilities, we don’t have to wait for one or two RTT sessions to get down to the REAL issue.

By incorporating the information that Rachel gleans from her work into the RTT sessions, people uncover, understand, and RELEASE that root issue SO MUCH FASTER.

Which means they get on their way to better health and wellbeing in leaps and bounds instead of baby steps!

It’s magical!

So the two of us have been working closely together with our naturopathic doctor friend’s patients, but over the last few months,  Rachel and I put our heads together and actually created an efficient and highly effective 8-week program that everyone around the world can access to improve their health!

In our "My Body Is Not Me" program...

You get to work with both of us 1:1 in the process described above, as well as in a group setting. You get short videos (ranging from 5-20 minutes) and homework assignments each week that explain why you’re doing the work that you’re doing with us, hold you accountable to your success and wellbeing, and teach you how to integrate them into your life so that you can maintain the progress you make with us during your short time in the program.

If you’d like to learn more, I invite you to book a call with us at

We’re looking forward to speaking with you!



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