How to use signs to recover from physical pain

Last week, Rachel and I did a Facebook Live training inside of our group, The Love Yourself Community on:

"How to use signs to help you along the way to recovery from a chronic illness"

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Here's a recap of what we talked about: 

What are signs?

Signs are objects or thoughts or emotions, or anything really, that you assign a certain meaning to.

In our video, Rachel talks about how one of her signs is a cat. And different colored cats mean different things.

For example, seeing a white cat (whether in physical form or cartoon or commercial, etc.) means to Rachel that she needs to reassess whether her decisions and actions are in alignment with her goals. And an orange cat means that she’s moving in the right direction.

For me, the biggest sign that I’ve chosen is the monarch butterfly. The meaning I’ve assigned to seeing the butterfly is that I am doing well and I am loved and cared for. The symbol is very much tied to maternal love for me. 


What do you use them for?

You can use signs as a mirror for how you’re really feeling about something on an intuition and soul level.

Some people are very out of tune with their emotions and/or intuition, so using signs can be a really great starting point. For example, you can put the intention out there that, “Every time I’m going in the right direction of my Future Self, I’d like to see a butterfly.”

For those who are more in tune with their emotions, they can think of using signs as an indication of how they’re feeling on a “soul” level.

External signs can help you decipher between what feels like a “bad decision” on an intuition level or if it’s really just ego telling you to be afraid of something.

Following intuition will always lead you to higher, better, more expansive feelings and things. On the other hand, listening to fear and ego just perpetuates whatever we are unhappy about in our current life (e.g. chronic illness).


And how do I tell the difference between intuition or soul and ego?

In the video, Rachel and I shared two ways to help you differentiate between whether feelings are coming from your intuition or your ego.

First thing is to put a hand on your heart. This simple action tends to help us center our intention on love and well being in general.

  • Do you feel expansion or restriction in your body?

If a feeling or thought is coming from intuition (aka highest self, soul, God, Universal Intelligence, etc.), you’ll want to listen to it as it will lead you towards more expansion, growth, and love.

If you put a hand on your heart and breathe into your heart, ask yourself whether the feeling or thought in question is coming from the intuition or ego.

You will usually feel an expansive feeling in your body or chest if the feeling is coming from intuition.

On the other hand, when something comes from ego, that usually feels like restriction in the body.

  • Will you feel good in the long-term or short-term?

Another thing you can do is to ask yourself if your thought, feeling, or action will feel good on a short-term or long-term. If it’s short-term, that’s usually indicative of something coming from ego. If it feels good in the long-term, that usually means it’s coming from intuition.


Ok, hold on, how are signs from “the Universe or God” different from superstition?

Great question.

So when you think of superstition, you think of someone who is afraid to walk outside in the street lest a black cat crosses their path, which to them, means that some huge misfortunate will befall them.

So they decide to stay home and sit on the couch instead.

Or maybe they do go out for a walk, see a black cat, and then decide to stay on the couch for days on end in case something bad does happen. 

So that’s superstition. It’s usually associated with fear and restriction.

On the other hand, signs from the Universe are to be taken as information that will guide you in the right direction to your goals.

If you get a “bad” sign, it’s just that you need to reassess your direction and choose something different so that you can get back on track with your highest self and your most expansive goals.


Ok, so how do I establish a sign? I ask for signs all the time and I never get anything.

Step 1:

Choose your sign and what it means for you. When you’re asking the Universe for signs, don’t just ask for a sign. You want to be very specific as to what kind of sign you’d like to receive. For example, a monarch butterfly or a rainbow.

Step 2:

Keep your awareness open to receive your signs, no matter what form they show up in. I’ve gotten physical monarch butterflies on walks outside and I’ve seen monarch butterflies while browsing the internet and one time even flipping open a library book to find someone’s monarch butterfly bookmark they had left behind.

Step 3: 

Stay true to the meaning of that sign once you receive. Use it to help you determine whether you want keep going down your current path of action or being (emotions, thoughts) OR you want to pivot so that you can reach your goals.


What if I get a sign and I become fearful or doubtful?

Sometimes, we ask the Universe for a sign to help us make a decision, and when we get the sign, it sparks fear or doubt.

When that happens, it’s important to differentiate whether the fear or doubt is coming from your soul or intuition. To do this scroll up to the section, “And how do I tell the difference between intuition or soul and ego?”


I hope this is helpful for you in your recovery!  

To learn more about using signs specifically for chronic illness recovery, Rachel and I invite you to check out: