When someone "higher up" says something untrue about you

What to do when someone of a "higher position" says/believes something untrue about you

Ever have someone like a boss or a professor call you something that was totally false? What did you do? 

The inspiration for this post came from one of my email subscribers, who is a physical therapy student currently going through a supervised clinic experience working with physical therapy patients.

He said, "After one session [with a patient] that I thought went well and smoothly, the supervising PT essentially told my group that it felt 'like pulling teeth' when it came to us brainstorming exercises to do with the patient...He also pointed me out in particular and stated that I had a flat affect and that it seemed like I was not attentive/responsive to his suggestions."

The student explained that hearing these words was very frustrating as he takes school very seriously and works very hard. He also felt like it affected his confidence as a future PT. Understandably so. 

So the question is, "What do you do in such a situation?"

Do you tell the professor that you don't appreciate his snarky comments? Do you brush it all under the rug and just move on? Or do you spend time analyzing it to see how you can do better next time? Or do you talk to a friend about it? Or all of the above, maybe?

My answer, in every situation in life, is, "How do you truly want to express Who You Are here in this moment?" 

There is no right or wrong way to deal with a situation like this.

There is, however, an aligned and misaligned way, especially if you're looking to make some life changes. 

May of us live our lives in a very passive way. We think things happen to us, when in fact, we actually create the life that we live. We create every single experience in our lives. Even the unpleasant ones.

With every thought, feeling, and action, we are constantly, consistently creating our next moment.

We are constantly expressing Who We Are. And in doing so, we are putting forth a certain vibration of energy that by the physical laws of nature (e.g. Law of Attraction) attracts thoughts, feelings, actions, events, and circumstances to us that match those vibrations. 

So if you experience something you don't like in your life, there's a reason you're experiencing it. And the reason is that you created it

See the situation for what it truly is. 

If you experience this situation and you feel a lot of anger or resentment or any other form of resistance, see the situation for what it is.

This situation with the supervisor is just another reflection of what's going on internally. If this supervisor does not feel like you are being attentive while you think you truly are, look deep inside to see if there are parts of you that are denying that you are indeed not being attentive. 

Some thought, feeling, or action coming from within you created this experience in your physical reality. If you want some pattern to stop, the effective way to do so is to look within to see where you might have attracted it. 

Also understand that if you created this experience, it means you can also create something different instead! 

Choose to live your life consciously instead. 

Living consciously means being aware of the true thoughts behind your surface thoughts, understanding and feeling your true emotions, seeing the truth that they represent, and allowing your actions to be consistent with your thoughts and feelings. 

Living consciously means knowing and trusting that The Law of Attraction is a physical law, and that by raising your own vibrations to match the vibrations of the things you want to experience, it's a given that those experiences are already on their way to you. 

There are an infinite number of ways to respond to this situation, but it all boils down to you and being true to Who You Are. 

So if responding to this PT with anger and resentment is an expression of Who You Are, then go ahead and do it. Be conscious about it and give yourself permission to live true to who you are. 

If sweeping it under the rug is an expression of Who You Are, then again, no judgment, do it. I do encourage you to ask yourself though, "Is sweeping this under the rug me expressing my truth, though?" 

If analyzing the situation to figure out what lessons you've learned is where you're at, then please, do it. If asking yourself what parts of this experience is part of a larger pattern or is expressing a truth you hold within you and then deciding how you want to respond, then do that! 

In very situation in life, allow yourself to put yourself first.

In fact, insist upon it...because what's in your deepest truth and highest good, will always be in the entire Universe's entire good! 

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