future self challenge 

for Chronic Pain


In this challenge, you'll learn my proven method for healing chronic physical and emotional pain and exactly what I teach every single one of my clients. You will learn how I healed my own chronic/persistent back pain by living in alignment with my highest self and how you can too.

I hope you'll join me for a week of learning, major accountability, and most of all, FUN! 

7-Day Future Self Alignment Challenge for Chronic Pain

So what's the deal with this challenge?

One of my longest stints with chronic pain happened seven years ago...for five years. 

I would wake up almost every night, paralyzed, feeling like someone was sitting on my side, squishing my ribs so that I couldn’t breathe.

My mind would be conscious but my body would be paralyzed. I had to pray and plead with my own muscles to please move and help me breathe, gasping for air when they finally did, my heart pounding wildly.  

When this began, I had just started grad school in a shiny new city, making new friends, but becoming more and more unsure of who I was or who I wanted to be.

A year after that, I broke up with my boyfriend of 6.5 years, who I thought I was going to marry some day.

Then as a new OT, I realized I wasn't feeling good anymore about my chosen shiny, expensive career and felt even more lost.

Then I decided to try and start my own business. 

All this time, I had ignored the pain, more or less. Decided it was just a fact of life. I just had to deal with it. But when the pain, stress, and anxiety started showing up in my struggling business, I knew I had to start paying more attention to the pain and my health.

So I, of course, tried at first to heal myself using what I had learned in school – I essentially tried to "OT" myself to recovery.

I went to yoga, I fixed up my sleep schedule, I changed my posture, I worked on my desk set up, I switched from being a side sleeper to a back sleeper, and I changed what I ate.

But none of it worked. Time and time again, my back pain would flare up, causing stress, and then if my stress increased, it caused more pain.

Then finally...I learned about the Law of Attraction from my lovely mentor, Bri Seeley (who just wrote a book called Permission to Leap!). I learned how creating my Highest Future Self and how constantly visiting her so that I could think, feel, and act in alignment with her could make my dreams come true.

And it wasn’t until I actively started practicing being in alignment on a regular basis did my pain disappear. To this day, I rarely have any back pain, and when it does show up, I know exactly what it means and what I need to do next. And not only do I live without pain, I also live my life with purpose, FLOW and JOY. 

When I learned about the Law of Attraction, I tested it out with little things in my life. You know, parking spots and finding loose change right when I needed it. And it worked! 

But it still took me another good 6 months to sit down and get clear on WHO my Highest Future Self would be.

Then it took another 6 months for me to truly believe that by thinking, feeling, and acting in alignment with my highest self I could manifest the life I truly want. 

Then another 6 months to commit to making it a regular practice and seeing changes in my life actually happening.

So all in all, it took me more than a YEAR to finally piece all of this together, to learn this new habit I like to call "highest/future-self-alignment," and then to stick with it enough that I don't have pain at all today. 

I truly believe that all kinds of pain, whether physical or otherwise, is a symptom of being out of alignment with your highest self.

If you'd rather not take a whole year to learn how to live in alignment, or create your own practice of regularly doing so, or see changes in your life, I invite you to join me in this challenge! 

Why would you want to join this challenge?

To spare you the difficulties of the entire year I had to go through before my pain went away,  I created this 7-day challenge to help you:

  • Find, receive, and develop a vision of your Highest Future Self
  • KNOW if this vision is the right one for you
  • Create a regular practice of “alignment”
  • Deal with the challenges that come up in life that stop you from continuing this practice (guilt, fear, self doubt, just to name a few)
  • Get started towards truly living the life you want without pain
  • ALSO --> FREE GIFT for anybody who signs up by 11/13/17! You will receive a FREE digital copy of Bri's book, Permission to Leap. She is the main reason why I was able to heal my back pain and why I do the work I do today. You will LOVE her book! 

When does this challenge start?

This 7-day challenge starts on Monday 11/13/17 and ends on Sunday 11/20/17.

What does this challenge cover?

Day One: 3 Ways Future Self Heals Pain

Day Two: 4 Ways to Start Getting Clear

Day Three: Group Meditation - Meet Your Future Self 

Day Four: 3 Ways to Take Aligned Actions Towards Future Self

Day Five: 3 Solutions for When You Want to Give Up

Day Six: My Present Self is Nowhere Close to Future Self!

Day Seven: STOP Efforting - Start FLOWING

Where is the challenge held? 

I will be going on live for 30-40 min each day, Monday-Friday at 6pm PST in our Facebook group, The Love Yourself Community. On Saturday and Sunday, I'll be going live at 10am PST. If you catch us live, you can ask questions in the comments section and I will do my best to answer during the recording. Otherwise, you are always more than welcome to post questions and comments in the group itself. I visit the group every day to answer questions and post discussion threads. 

Don’t have Facebook?

Not to worry! Once the videos are made, I will download them and send them out via email. As long as you sign up for this challenge to the right and submit your email address, you will get email notifications of the new videos and material.  

What's the FREE gift??

For those of you who are proactive and sign up BY 11/13/17, I'll be sending each of you a FREE digital copy of Bri Seeley's new book, Permission to Leap. Bri is one of my biggest mentors and her book contains a lot of the core principles that I teach from today. It's the perfect gift to augment your experience during this challenge, as this Future Self Challenge is your current LEAP!

Each chapter of 'Permission to Leap' contains a combination of theory, science and stories from over two decades of Bri's personal life experiences with taking leaps. She details how you can prepare for your leap, as well as the 6 Phases of a Leap to help you land softly on the other side. 

**EDIT: THANK YOU ALL FOR PARTICIPATING! We've already reached the 10 max limit, but Bri's book will be available to buy on Amazon shortly! xoxo

Do you have any other questions? Please email Jess at Jessica@jessicamaytang.com