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Self Love & Empowerment Coach

Free to Impact


An 8-week program for the multi-passionate entrepreneur who believes that she is meant for more, to do more, and to greatly impact the people she loves, but is feeling lost, overwhelmed, or burnt out.


When you have multiple passions and interests and the marketing experts are telling you to choose your niche and narrow down your focus, it can get really overwhelming.

Many of us in this situation end up forcing ourselves to choose one focus, but end up jaded and burnt out within a couple of months when we realize we aren’t doing what we want to do.

And the rest of us are frozen in place, never starting at all because we just can’t figure out what is best to pick.

As multi-passionate entrepreneurs,
we approach the world differently...


I had to spend over $40,000 to learn that I needed something different from what the experts were sharing. And the only person who could tell me what exactly I needed to create a thriving, successful, and most importantly soul-aligned business…was ME.

We know that we have many gifts and passions that can positively impact our own lives as well as others. We have a dream of living a life filled with freedom, love, joy, passion, and creativity. We just don’t know how to turn that dream into reality.

Free to Impact is an 8-week program that I’ve designed to teach you exactly this - the pathway to turn your many passions and ideas into a life and business that gives you personal, financial, time, and energy freedom.

It is a deep-dive program for the multi-passionate entrepreneur who wants to learn to trust her inner self so she can create her most soul-aligned business with Confidence, Clarity, and Ease. 

Imagine making decisions for your business and life with confidence and clarity. What would you be able to do differently? What would you life look and feel like? How would your relationships with the people you love and care about change?

Now imagine figuring all of that out in 8 weeks and for a fraction of the price.

what this program is about...


Over the last 4 years, I have learned A TON about what it means to create a successful business. And all of it I wished I had learned WAY earlier. It would have lessened so much suffering in not just my business, but my entire life.

So I gathered everything I learned from $40,000 worth of books, seminars, coaches, programs, conferences, etc. and designed a program that I wish I had when I first started. That way you can feel the confidence and clarity that I feel about my business and life today in just 8 weeks, and minus the hefty price tag.

In this program, you'll learn to: 


Take action DESPITE persistent
fears & doubts

Create a SOUL-ALIGNED business with EASE



CHANGE your entire state of BEING

Make decisions with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE

Build your business through


Identify WHO you most want to BE

TRUST your inner self

BREAK FREE from old patterns


results from clients...


My clients have told me that this program transforms not just their business, but also their entire lives. Here are some examples of the wide variety of results they have reported…

  • Creating an entire online coaching program through FLOW instead of effort within a WEEK

  • Receiving $9000 from an ideal client as THE FIRST CLIENT EVER! (This was so exciting!)

  • Getting uber CLEAR on a new business venture that was previously just a vague idea

  • Attracting ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE to turn that business venture into reality with LITTLE TO NO EFFORT

  • $28,000 in sales with ALL IDEAL CLIENTS within a MONTH

  • $42,000 in sales with ALL IDEAL CLIENTS within a WEEK

  • Attracting a whole online COMMUNITY of ideal clients

  • Massive feelings of CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM to be exactly who they want to be throughout their entrepreneurial journey

  • Inner KNOWINGNESS that they have all that it takes to be as successful as they want to be

  • Deep sense of RESOLUTION when making decisions

  • Deeper levels of love, trust, and understanding with their significant others and loved ones

  • Difficult relationships transformed into loving ones (there was even a “kraken grandma” who became an amazingly close new friend!)

  • Feeling comfortable, peaceful, and at the same time POWERFUL in their own skin


...and so much more!

program details...


I know you want to do more with your life because your happiness allows the people you love and care about to be happier too.

FTI is everything I wished I had 4 years ago, and it’s been amazing to see my clients accomplish things in 8 weeks that took me all those years to do myself!

I invested $40,000 and 4 years to learn everything that I teach in FTI, and I will continue to keep investing more time, money, and energy into this so I can pay it forward to you and help you save your time, money, and energy for the things that matter most to you. You’ll have lifetime access to all the upgrades I make to the program.

The main goal of this program is to help you develop that inner knowing and trust in your inner self so that you never have to feel unsure of yourself again. So you can move forward in your life and business with confidence, clarity, and ease. So you can build the most soul-aligned business that continues to give you the time, money, and energy freedom for the things that matter most to you.

In this program, you will get:

Lifetime access to 8 weekly video modules

(valued at $1,500)

8 online assignments

With written coaching feedback from me
(valued $1,500)

24/7 email coaching

(valued at $1,500)

2 private 1:1 coaching sessions with me

(valued at $300)

1 Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

To transform & release self-sabotaging patterns
(valued at $900)

8 weekly Q&A sessions

Additional opportunity for 1:1 coaching
(valued at $1,200)

Free to Impact Private Facebook Group

(valued at $1,000)

what happens during our call...


During our call, we will work together to help you tap into your inner self to figure out what you need most right now. It’s not always the case that you need another coach or program.

I’d like to hear about your biggest struggles currently in your business (and life), and we will discuss whether this program is the right fit for you or not. If it is for both parties, then we will move forward to payment. But if not, I will point you towards something that can help!

Click any of the yellow buttons on this page to schedule a call with me. I’m excited to meet you!