#10: 7-Day Future Self Alignment Challenge

AHHHH, look Ma, I made it to episode #10!!! #celebrate #winwinwin

I guess it's pretty fitting that I'm sharing an exciting project I've been working on for you guys in this 10th episode!

After reading Bri's book, I got an idea on how to share what I teach every single one of my pain coaching and hypnosis clients. I love teaching these core ideas and have already done so in previous programs and past episodes, but I never put it together that I could introduce it as a weeklong challenge for you guys! 

When I first learned about alignment and future self, I was very skeptical, doubtful, fearful (of failure AND success - more on that in a future episode). Even after understanding why I NEEDED this concept of future self in order to feel better about my life, it still took me a while to really believe it. Then it took me even longer to actually sit my butt down and then figure out who the heck my future self was. 

Then it took me a whole 'nother YEAR, to finally make future self and living in alignment a priority. It took more than a year for me to practice this regularly and realize that I no longer had pain. 

So I created a 7-day Future Self Alignment Challenge for chronic pain. So this challenge is really for anyone who has been living with chronic pain and wants to learn the basic steps to how I was able to heal myself. 

In 7 days of this challenge, I'll be posting up live videos in our Facebook group to teach you guys the basic principles of future self, living in alignment, and making aligned choices. We will also hold each other accountable for this new "alignment" habit, so that you guys don't spend more than a year of unnecessary skepticism, doubt, fear, struggling, and NOT HEALING. 

The first 10 people who sign up for this challenge will receive a FREE digital copy of Bri's book, Permission to Leap! I'm so excited to share what I've learned with Bri + how it helped me heal my back pain with you all in this 7-day challenge! 





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