#15: Debunking Myths about Hypnotherapy and RTT

Debunking Hypnotherapy Myths and RTT

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Hi! I hope you're well! I'm checking in from the Bay Area, CA today, hence the picture of San Francisco on the cover. Today's episode is all about debunking hypnotherapy myths. I think the general reaction I get (including my own when I first heard about it) was...uh, are you going to swing a clock in front of my face and make me cluck like a chicken? 

And because Dan Olexa and I got into this discussion when we recorded his episode last week, I decided to make an entire episode about debunking the myths of hypnotherapy. When I finally decided to try it, it blew my mind and changed my life. For me, I knew I needed some reassurance that all the crazy stuff I thought I knew about hypnotherapy was in fact not true. 

So in today's episode, you'll hear from Dan about the common misconceptions about hypnotherapy and what the actual truths are, including: 

  • Being in hypnosis is not about giving someone else control over you

  • Hypnotherapy is not like stage hypnosis

  • You are in full control and will remember everything afterward

  • Hypnotherapy can be used quite powerfully to understand your blocks so that you can release them

Then you'll hear from Bri Seeley, my mentor and coach, who you first heard from in Episode 9, will share her experience with RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). This is the modality I am trained in and licensed to provide, so I thought it would be great to hear from someone else about their experience with it. 

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the 1:1 30-day Transformational Experience with me that I talk about in the end, please visit jessicamaytang.com/rtt

Thank you so much for listening, and until next week, I am sending you lots of love! 

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