#16: Anxiety, Perfectionism & Biofeedback with Dr. Chris Marrero

Dr. Chris Marrero, PsyD
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Dr. Chris Marrero is clinical psychologist and biofeedback specialist specializing in anxiety and mood disorders. Her practice is based in Santa Monica, CA. She and I connected at a networking meeting and I immediately liked her kind energy and incredible knowledge. 

In this episode, we share our mutual love of biofeedback as a tool to help people understand how quickly our thoughts and emotions can affect our physical bodies. 

You'll also hear about:

  • How anxiety does not signify what’s wrong with you. In fact, the presence of anxiety and procrastination in your life is just saying is that your motivation is a little out of balance. That you're living out of alignment. Biofeedback and therapy is all about teaching you how to turn your anxiety into a something that can help you reach your goals and change your life. 
  • Perfectionism and how biofeedback is especially effective for treating it. Biofeedback teaches you how to let go, because they more you try, the harder it is to succeed in the session. (Listen to find out what this means.) 
  • Chris’ own experience as a caregiver for her ailing father at the same time as stepping into a new role as a first-time mother, which resulted in intense daily migraines. Chris' talks about her own experience with biofeedback and how it's helped her with her migraines. 
  • How biofeedback is a vehicle for “emotion” beginners, aka those who want to work on their emotions but don’t necessarily want to talk about them. 

We hope you enjoy this episode! 

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