#19: Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause
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My dear listeners, 

With a heavy heart, I have decided to press pause on this podcast for a little while to regroup and refocus.

January 2018 has been a month of many shifts and changes in my business and my personal life, and when I show up, I want to make sure that I am always giving you 100%.

Honestly, I've been struggling with commitment. I've always struggled with this in my businesses for the last 3 years. I've been extremely committed to being an entrepreneur and to working for myself (which I accomplished by quitting my job in December, yay!), but I've always struggled a bit with my messaging. 

I have since found my purpose, which makes me feel so full and alive and expansive, but I'm still having some trouble naming it and putting it into words. I have a false belief that I am terrible at finding the right words to say and that people don't understand what I'm trying to share with them. And I believed that this was the reason why when explaining what I do, I was often met with polite smiles and topic changes. :)

And to be even more honest, this belief has led to me changing my messaging constantly. And because of this constant change,  nobody knows quite what I do. (Self-fulfilling prophecy, see how that happened???) 

I've made many changes to my messaging in the search for just the right words to say. Words that make me feel the same level of expansiveness and aliveness I love to feel, but also stir the same emotions up in my soul clients. And most of these changes I've made have been very inspired, but mostly inspired by my fear-based brain instead of my intuition.

And of course at the time, my fear-based brain refused to let me admit that it was my fear-based brain that had taken control. Hindsight is 20/20, eh? 

I know that everything I've done has led me to exactly this point, exactly where I am supposed to be. So I am choosing to take some time to really LISTEN, ALLOW, and RECEIVE from my intuition. I know that my cognitive fear-based brain has beaten it down time and time again, but I know that the guidance is still there. It will take time to hear it again, but I am allowing myself to be patient now. 

What a lesson in practicing what I preach, huh? 

Thank you all for listening to my podcast and for sending me messages saying that this podcast has been impactful and helpful for you in your quest for self love. I hope that I can continue to do that for you.

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You can also check out my free resource library list either in the group or on my website at jessicamaytang.com/learnwithjess.

I love you all, and again, thank you so much listening.




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