LY 22: Exploring Intuition With Medical Intuitive Rachel Reimer

Medical Intuitive Rachel Reimer

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For today's episode, I am beyond thrilled to finally introduce my beautiful friend and incredible medical intuitive, Rachel Reimer!

Rachel and I have been working very closely together for a while now, and it's been magical to mesh our work together to help individuals find health and wellness. I'll be sharing info about a big project we are working on together to help people heal their false beliefs, so be sure to stay until the end!

Rachel actual did a reading for me (on myself) back in 2017 to give me some more insight into the root cause of my health concerns then. Halfway into the episode, we actually take out my chart and start interpreting the results! You'll even see Rachel doing her magic live! 

In this episode, you will also hear:

  • Rachel’s story - how she developed her intuitive gifts
  • How honing her skills was “like a game”
  • How she uses her skills today to serve physicians and other medical professionals
  • How she can pinpoint the moment that the emotional root of your physical health problems
  • No matter who you work with, use your own intuition to decide what you want to listen to and take in and what you don’t want and lovingly release the rest! You decide what it means to you!
  • Listen to Rachel’s process LIVE!!
  • Stay til the end to hear how Rachel’s skills helped to SAVE a young mom’s LIFE!

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