LY 24: #keepinitreal with Health Coach Jamie Zwier

Jamie Zwier

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Phew! When Jamie and I recorded this episode, we had both had really tough weekends. So instead of faking that we were fine and dandy and talking about our businesses and how we help people in this episode, we literally shot the shit and processed our junk together live. 

It was an amazing conversation. But first, let me introduce my beautiful friend, Jamie! 

Jamie Zwier, BS.ED, CHHC is the head health coach and founder of Oh How Healthy, LLC. She empowers the overworked woman to go from busy and unhealthy to balanced and thriving in all areas of her life!

Every woman and situation is unique, which is why Jamie takes a holistic approach when sharing health and lifestyle recommendations.  She gently guides her clients to show up in this world as the powerful, sexy and successful women they’ve always dreamt of being. 

Jamie does this by teaching her clients to take action, practice self-respect, maximize her time, crush goals and ultimately find a healthy work/life balance that works best for them. 

She loves proving that having a healthy, balanced lifestyle DOES NOT have to be stressful, time-consuming, restrictive, tasteless or expensive at all, it’s just the opposite!

In this conversation, you'll hear us talking about: 

  • How "falling off the alignment wagon" can be quite magical 
  • #keepinitreal - I mean, literally, you'll hear phones going off, leaf blowers, stumbling over words, losing trains of thought...all of it. Just so you guys know that we are human just like you are and how there's no shame in it at all! 
  • Grit = Passion + Perseverance 
  • What gut instinct really is and making the distinction between fear and intuition - Fear is a constrictive feeling and it comes from the ego and other subconscious patterning, whereas intuition gives you the most expansive, highest, truest thoughts and feelings!
  • The "cork analogy" (I LOVED THIS!) - So many of us spend our whole lives feeling like we're holding a cork underwater. The minute we release that cork, it'll pop up to the surface and go wherever it needs to go. We all can practice letting go more often. 
  • How getting into alignment is crucial, but falling off does not need to be the big deal that many of us make it out to be. Every time we fall off, we make a choice to get back on, and each time we make that choice, it'll get easier and easier to get back on. 
  • Why finding balance in your life in a way that works for YOU is so crucial to living a healthy, happy life. 

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