LY 25: Using Breathwork To Release Blocks With Leandra Rose

Leandra Rose Breathwork

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Please welcome Leandra Rose, an embodied healer and meditation teacher, to the show! Leandra is a kindergartner teacher who teacher mindfulness and meditation to her kids by day and a breathwork practitioner who works with adults and new moms by evening. She's truly a superhero!

Leandra has taught meditation for over 10 years to people of all ages and has learned the most from working with young children. Their open heartedness, aliveness and curiosity has taught her a lot about healing and empowering adults, especially mothers.

Through grace, grit, and good fortune, Leandra has transformed her own traumas into the powerful healing presence she brings to her sessions and workshops. It's also her extensive background in psychology, somatic experiencing, mindfulness and breathwork that allow profound breakthroughs for her clients.

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • How Leandra discovered meditation and eventually breath work to help with anxiety and depression 
  • How breath work has helped Leandra move through her blocks and build confidence 
  • What breath work is and what a session with Leandra is like 
  • How breath work changes our bodies’ physiology and helps unblock things that have been stored in our bodies and our conscious and subconscious minds 
  • Helping people release in a few breath work session what years of therapy couldn’t
  • Doing breath work is like letting go of all the "beach balls" we hold underwater throughout our lives
  • Letting go is simple, but it’s not easy 
  • Breathwork for new and pregnant moms
  • Honoring old limiting beliefs and using breath work to be ready for an upgrade of new beliefs 
  • Connecting physical body symptoms with energy blocks 
  • Leandra finding her voice 

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