LY 26: Empowerment thru Menstrual Cycle Awareness with Lisa de Jong

Lisa de Jong Menstrual Cycle Awareness Coach

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This week, I pulled an interview out of the archives to share with you! Please welcome Lisa de Jong to the show! 

Lisa is a Menstruality coach helping women find healing, feel more motivated and creative, and deepen their inner spiritual practice - all through the magic and ancient wisdom of the menstrual cycle. 

This episode is for men just as much as it is for women. We are talking about the menstrual cycle, and Lisa introduces the concept of understanding the different seasons you're in and how to connect with each of them, but men also go through cycles as well. Nature itself is cyclical, and in today's show, we really touch upon how important and empowering it is to understand the cycles of our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

You'll learn about: 

  • The 4 seasonal archetypes of the menstrual cycle
  • Connecting with the energy of each of the seasonal phases of the menstrual cycle so that life flows (pun intended) more easily 
  • Understanding how to live more cyclically 
  • Dealing with period pains 
  • Understanding PMS and how to reduce symptoms 
  • The Big Red Rule - every woman has their own unique experience of their menstrual cycle, so it's about learning about it, tuning it, and applying it to yourself 
  • Building your relationship with your menstrual cycle so that it becomes empowering and less anxiety inducing
  • The right time to rest so that you can be more productive in other times
  • What this means for men
  • Why it's important to balance feminine and masculine energy (and men need this too!)
  • Understanding yourself are your own authority - you already have wisdom inside of you and Lisa helps you access that so you can be more aware of it, and use it to achieve your goals 

To learn more about Lisa, please visit her website at

She also has a a "Your Cycle Matters Resource Guide" if you scroll down on her home page, containing:

  • The Inner Seasons Guide - explaining all about the changing energies of the menstrual cycle
  • An Inner Seasons Printable Wall Hanger to help remind you of your cycle and where you're at
  • A guide on how to track your cycle and what to look out for 
  • Printable Inner Seasons reflection pages to help you get started today with tracking your cycle





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