LY 29: From One Open Door to the Next with Cheryl Hunter

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Another incredible episode full of surprise synchronicities! Please help me welcome Cheryl Hunter to the show this week.

Cheryl is a two-time bestselling author and coach who provides expert commentary on resilience for news sources such as PBS, CNN, and HLN.

Cheryl never set out to be an expert in resilience, but as a teenager, she faced a life-changing trauma which altered her trajectory in life. Once she survived, she refocused her life, and used her experience to create an educational framework that empowers people to flourish through challenge and adversity.

Her education has been profiled by PBS, Forbes, Huffington Post, Fast Company, is taught worldwide, and has helped over a quarter million people learn to be successful, self-confident, and happy, no matter what comes their way. 

Forbes named Cheryl one of their top four “favorite TED speakers,” adding that Cheryl has, “something very important to teach – about life, love, empathy and reaching your fullest potential on this planet.

In this episode, you'll hear how: 

  • Cheryl turned a traumatic abduction into a lifelong passion for researching and understanding the difference between those who let their trauma take control of their life and those who thrive despite their trauma. 
  • “That’s the open door today” helped her move away from trauma and towards happiness and fulfillment 
  • Cheryl's Obsession Exercise that will help you move from trauma to healing and fulfillment 
  • The one biggest thing that Cheryl did that has helped her heal and become the successful coach she is today helping others overcome their self doubt and reclaim their confidence.

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Cheryl's TEDx Talk: "Wabi-sabi: The magnificence of imperfection:  Cheryl Hunter at TEDxSantaMonica"


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