my 3 signs from the universe 🤩

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Exciting news: We have a couch!!!

It went up on the roof and into the apartment through the balcony, which was quite the adventure! Melo and I did the same thing for our apartment in Culver City. Wait, jk, Melo and another male friend friggin' squat-lifted that couch over the balcony. 😅

Second exciting news: There are spiders here the size of my FACE! WTF. NO.

Ok, I think today's emails is ALL about SIGNS.

Whether you believe in them or not, just know that I was a total non-believer until maybe last year when I started looking up meanings of things just for fun.

Every time I look up the meaning of something, there's always a devil meaning and an angel meaning, and everything in between. But I liked the angel meanings, and if anything, they were just excuses to feel good and remind myself that I don't need to take life so seriously.

My brother still rolls his eyes at me, but I really think all the signs we've been getting point to the fact that we are all loved and supported always.

So why not believe this "stuff' when it feels good to do so? I can use every excuse to feel good and let go (especially since I freaked out twice in the last two days and the boys were not happy about it).

Sign #1: Our new address has three 6's in it.

While 666 can mean the devil (I think that's from the Bible, right?), the angel meaning of 666, according to Imelda and Sarah, is that my angels are guiding me to connect with my third eye chakra, trust my intuition, listen to my inner/future self, and consider which vibrations are misaligned and I want to let go of. Beautiful - that represents my life's journey. I take it as a wonderful sign that this apartment might help me with this journey of aligning my vibration with my inner self with love, ease and peace.

Sign #2: That FAT ASS SPIDER. 🕷

Seriously, guys. SIZE OF MY FACE.

So a couple months ago, one of my girlfriends kept seeing spiders EVERYWHERE. She was cleaning out clothes for donation and spiders would crawl out of the closet. She would go to her room and there'd be a spider just chilling on the carpet. There was a big spider in her car. She would go on vacation and there would be spiders in random places.

And being the person I am, I looked up what they meant. And guess what?

Spiders are a sign of feminine empowerment. They represent feminine energy and creativity. I gladly and openly receive Avia's explanation, lol.

So thank you, Universe, and at the same time, no more giant fucking spiders in the apartment, ok? Ok. Thanks.

And Sign #3 because anything in 3's means trinity which I believe to mean more angels and goodness and peace and love: KITTIES EVERYWHERE! 🐱🐱🐱

According to Avia, cats are jam-packed with symbolic meaning no matter what religions or mythology you reference. And they can remind us to be open to change and to invite in flexibility or adaptability in the ways we think.

Boy, have I needed these reminders in the last few days. My old ways of thinking rigidly definitely came out to play (e.g. rushing to Uhaul 20 minutes before they close during rush hour when we are 18 minutes away because WE HAVE TO and later realizing we won't die if we don't pick up the damn couch today 😅) and we had to have our first "roommate meeting."

Actually, that's worth mentioning, too. My brother shared with me that I freaked out in similar ways two days in a row and helped me see that other people who treat me "with an attitude" do so because of my own attitude toward them. Of course, ego, doesn't let me see it this way and really wants to focus hard on how I did nothing to deserve snootiness and other people need to change their behavior.

We always attract everything that happens in our lives. The law of attraction is a physical law of the universe, like gravity. It's happening whether we like it or not. My brother essentially reminded me to practice what I preach. (This is why everyone needs a coach, even/especially coaches!)

When clients come to me saying things like, "My ___ is a jerk to me, and they need to stop," we work on shifting their own beliefs about themselves FIRST instead of telling other people what they should or shouldn't do (aka sharing boundaries).

And it's MAGIC to see that other people start treating them differently because they are treating themselves differently! brother fed me back my own medicine and it was great. I'll take this as yet another sign that I am indeed exactly where I need to be.

I'd love to hear from you now - Are you noticing interesting things in your life that make you pause and tilt your head? 🤔

Consider looking up the meaning of it. I usually just type into Google search "(thing) angel meaning" and just scroll through a few articles to get a sense of what different people say. I don't have a usual person or website that I turn to. Many of the articles that come up in the search usually end up saying similar things, which just helps my brain to "believe" and feel good.

And again, I really don't think it's about which definition is right or wrong. I think they're all right.

Just like how you can look at a situation happening in your life one way, and if you paused for just a few minutes, you could probably look at it at least another 2 ways. (In reality, there are an infinite number of ways you can look at a situation.)

If you don't notice any "signs" right now in your life, I invite you to be open to receiving them today and see what happens. I think there are signs we can use for our wellbeing all over the place all the time - it's just about being open to receiving them. And of course, come back here and tell me about it!

Happy receiving!




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