LY 31: Harnessing Feminine Energy to Change Your Life with Powerful Creatrix Dounia Lkoundi


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GUYS!!! This was SUCH A FUN episode!!!! Dounia's energy is not just infectious, but we were just pulling in so many different pieces together so you can really understand the factors involved when you're making any changes in your life. 

Yes, we talk about feminine energy and cycle awareness, but I hope the guys will listen to this episode too. A lot of the concepts we talked about also apply to men. Especially if you have daughter, wives, or girlfriends. ;D

Dounia Lkoundi, aka The Boost Coach, is a certified Law of Attraction life coach + Creatrix® Transformologist that has created the B.O.O.S.T. method that will change your life. 

She manifested her way into television and gained over 1000 hours of experience in hosting Live TV shows. This experience led to manifesting a speaking gig in the Real Madrid Arena in front of 80,000 people, in Spanish! 

Filled with passion and positive energy, Dounia has helped female entrepreneurs to manifest and “money fest” the life they want. She turns you into a Manifesting Maven by crushing blocks in just 1 month. 

In this episode, you'll hear how through Dounia’s own experience discovering personal development and a coaching system called Creatrix, she was able to: 

  • Handle with peace the frustration, resentment, rage, and anger of her own family that was at war with each other
  • Dealing with the stress of an ailing mother 
  • Understand how her DNA carries beliefs and emotional patterns carried through the generation and release the ones that were no longer serving her
  • "Own her shit" and transform her entire life! 

Creatrix is a coaching system created by a woman for women, and Dounia explains why this is important. Most coaching programs are created for males and based in masculine energy, and that is why so many coaching programs do not produce big results for women. 

Creatrix teaches women how to: 

  • Understand the menstrual cycle and how to use it so that we can be our best selves
  • Decreasing the charge attached to certain “negative” emotions so you can finally understand them, let go of them, and replace them with your own wisdom.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for your shit AND own creation of your life

Be sure to stay until the end to hear ONE HUGE TIP from Dounia to open up more space ALLOW the good in life to come into your life!! 


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Thank you so much for listening! Until next time, sending each one of you lots and lots of love. 

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