LY 35: Part 1- How to Stop Holding On to Things

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Not letting go is a big factor in chronic illness.

Whatever you hold onto in your mind, you are holding on to in your body. 

This creates chronic stress in your body, which wears down your organs and body systems and eventually causes problems. 

When the issues are not resolved, the emotions are let released in a healthy way and they remain holed up in the mind and body, they become a chronic health issues. 

In this episode, Rachel shares a story from when she was little, something she admits is small and she doesn’t understand why she holds on to it, but it still bothers her today. 

So a little girl in school had asked to borrow Rachel's pencil lead, and Rachel happily gave it to her. But she expected something in return. This little girl not only did not return her lead, but she never returned anything to Rachel. 

This story turned into a discussion about semantics, the limited use of words, the meanings we have behind words and how in different cultures, the same words can mean different things. 

And if we don’t take these into account, and we take others’ words personally, it can become stored as upset and resentment in our minds and bodies. 

In listening to this episode, we hope that it will spark a change in perspective for you as well that will lead you further down the road of healing your mind as a way to healing your body. 

Towards the end of the episode, you’ll hear Rachel’s story regarding one of her exes. We return to this in Part 3 of this 3-part series in order to help Rachel process and release those emotions, so be sure to stay tuned for that. 

In next week’s episode, you’ll hear Rachel working her magic to help me process the lingering hurt and resentment I carry about one of my exes, and how much our relationships offer big clues as to what needs to be looked at and resolved within ourselves, no matter how wonderful or how horrible the relationship. 

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