LY36: Part 2- Surprise! I Was Not Expecting That

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Welcome to Part 2 in our 3-part series about letting go of things! 

And if you haven’t listened to last week’s episode yet, Rachel and I get together to record videos each week and the conversation we had a few weeks ago just kept getting longer and longer, so we turned it into a 3-part series. 

In this episode, Rachel helps me dive way deep into the resentment that I hold within me from one of my past relationships. This was a very vulnerable episode. You hear me processing this LIVE. Ego flares up multiple times. 

AND the stuff we talk about took a HUGE turn. I totally thought I had to work on forgiving that person because of all the awful things he put me through. And I thought it was about forgiving myself for allowing myself to be in such a vulnerable place, TWICE. 

But noooooo. It was actually about something entirely different...

Enjoy, and thank you for listening! 

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