LY 37: Part 3- Our Relationships are Mirrors for How We Feel About Ourselves

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Part 3 of 3 in the Letting Go of Things series! Woohoo!! 

In this episode, Rachel helps me clear out the remaining last bits that need to be resolved around my ex. My favorite part is when Rachel describes an image she’s getting of him wearing a crown and me bowing in child’s pose at his feet, HA! It was SO TRUE! 

You’ll also hear me helping Rachel process her emotions and thoughts around a traumatic experience in one of her past relationships, too. 

A change in perspective and the ability to detach yourself from the emotions of an experience is often necessary to finally resolve the situation. 

From this episode, we hope you can tell that it’s not about letting the other person of the hook. Rachel talks about how she wasn’t able to let go of what her ex did to her because he should not have done any of those things. He should NOT have held a gun up to his head in front of his son, thinking it was her; he should NOT have been coming home stumbling drunk so often; he should NOT be allowed to hit her in the face because of whatever issues he was dealing with. 

But in the end, by holding on to those feelings, the only person being hurt in the end is ourselves. 

Forgiveness is 100% about letting ourselves off the hook. Off the patterns leading us to chronic health issues and anything less that fulfillment and happiness. And it’s 0% about letting the other person off the hook. 

It’s about taking your power back and understanding that by resolving the emotions around a traumatic experience, you’re choosing to take your power of life back. You’re deciding that that person no longer gets to have any control over how you live your life. Only you do. 

Another big takeaway is how much our relationships give us a clue as to what needs to be resolved within ourselves. 

For Rachel, her biggest realization is that there was something regarding her own beliefs about self-worth that needed to be healed, and if she wasn’t in a relationship with that particular ex, she would have been in another relationship with someone else who would have also mirrored her beliefs about herself. 

Enjoy, and thank you for listening! 

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