LY 39: Setting Goals You'll Actually Stick To

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Happy New Year!!! I’m so happy to be back on with The Love Yourself Podcast, which I’m taking through a major facelift, so I hope you’ll listen in and join me for the ride. 

Lately, I’ve been noticing within myself and my coaching clients that we are all struggling with balancing masculine, linear, hustling energy with feminine, flow, intuitive energy. I’m really good at hustling (and burning out lol), and still building my skills on the feminine side. 

Even though each and every single one of us is equal parts masculine and equal parts feminine, our society today is definitely leaning more towards the masculine. In encouraging more masculine energy, many of us have developed coping mechanisms that also shut down our feminine side. And it’s this denial and resistance of our true selves that causes so much unhappiness. 

So while my grand vision will always be about inspiring others to experience true self love and acceptance, I am feeling called to really focus in specifically on how we can balance our masculine side with our feminine side. 

For the month of January, I’ll be sharing strategies I’ve learned as it applies to goal setting. And in today’s episode I share with you the exact strategy that I use to create my yearly and monthly goals. 

I know many of us either have no idea who our inner selves are (I was here just a few years ago myself) or have a hard time connecting to that person and have no idea what their grand vision is, so I’ve recorded a guided meditation to help you along. Click below to download! 


Here are some other topics we covered in today’s episode: 

  1. Why it’s so hard for many of us to tap into intuition/inner self

  2. How to download your grand vision

  3. How to set goals to take leaps and bounds towards your grand vision

  4. Why inner self is so important (hint: you need to BE her)

  5. How to deal with the gap between who you are being now and who your inner self is 

After listening…

Tell me 3 things in things in the comments below:

  1. What is your favorite thing about your inner self?

  2. What is your inner self’s name?

  3. How does your grand vision make you feel?



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