LY 40: 5 Ways to Connect with Inner Self

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Today’s episode answers one of the most common questions I get: “HOW do I connect with my inner self?”

Just as a quick recap of last week’s episode, the most important person you could ever ask for advice from to make forward progress towards your goals and your grand life vision…is YOURSELF. 

Well, specifically, your INNER SELF. 

Having a tough time connecting with your inner self is NORMAL.

But if inner self is not showing up for you or it’s really difficult to connect with her, please know that it’s normal at first.

This is a new practice, and it takes time for the ego (the part of you that wants to stick to what normal looks and feels like) to let go of his role and feel safe enough to let you connect with your inner self. 

The frustration that we all feel when we first start this practice is actually the ego doing its job. It’s making the idea of connecting with inner self so uncomfortable, you want to scream…or give up on inner self altogether. And if you give up on inner self, you’ll never have to do anything outside of your comfort zone and the ego pats itself on the back thinking it did a really great job. 

So the worst thing you can do in this situation is to feed the frustration.

The best thing you can do is to find other, more enjoyable, and less stressful ways to connect with inner self so ego can calm down. 

In today’s episode, I share with you a couple of tricks and strategies to connect with your inner self without triggering the ego so that you can start getting to know her and the way she thinks, feels, and acts on a regular basis. 

Side note: Take everything I say (or anyone says) with a grain of salt.

Before we get into that, it’s important to understand that everything I share with you on the podcast and here in the show notes is representative of my beliefs and stories at the time of writing. This in no way means that my way is the right way, because I don’t know if it is. 

For example, I choose to believe that our inner selves are made of pure love energy and it’s about returning our state of being to this pure love energy that will help us manifest our grand visions into reality. 

You do not have to choose to believe this.

Or anything I ever mention on the podcast.

Last year, I did a lot of interviews in an effort to share other people’s perspectives and opinions with you, and what I encourage you to do is to try out the ones that feel good to you and then…be sure to decide whether it’s a story or belief that you want to keep on believing. It’s up to you to decide whether a new belief or perspective is something that feels good and is in alignment with your inner self or not. 

Your inner self is the guardian of your grand vision.

Becoming your inner self is what is necessary if you want to transform your grand vision into reality. 

And to do that, you want to think the thoughts, feel the feelings, and do the actions that your inner self would take on a regular basis. 

If your inner self is a confident, take-no-shit badass in certain situations, then you’ll want to be that person in those situations too. If she is a peaceful, loving, and nurturing person in another situation, you want to be like that as well.

(Thought Challenge: Can you be all those things at once within the same situation/context? Confident, take-no-shit, peaceful, loving AND nurturing badass? Let me know in the comments below!) 

So this is why I believe that changing your thoughts, feelings, and actions to match those of your inner self will help you manifest your grand vision into reality. So instead of asking anyone, “What would my inner self do?” you can ask her directly yourself. 

How to use the following strategies:

You want to have a few go-to strategies for connecting with your inner self. The easier the better. Because it’s when we need to make tough, stressful decisions that we can really start creating real change. And one of the best ways to do this is to check in with our inner self to ask for inspired guidance.

So try out all 5 of the following strategies. Using these strategies can help you:

  • Make difficult decisions

  • Get connected to your grand vision

  • Allow your grand vision to change as you change and grow

  • Download inspired actions that take you leaps and bounds towards your Grand Vision

  • Balance your masculine goal-driven energy with the more feminine, intuitive energy

  • Transform your Grand Vision into your reality in unexpected (and faster) ways

I’ve also put these into a handy checklist that you can print out and keep in your wallet or on your desk for easy access. Click here to download.

How to Connect with Inner Self:

Are you more visually, auditory, or emotionally inclined?

Now, on to HOW to connect with inner self so you can ask all the questions you want. Below you’ll find a couple of ideas depending on whether you are a more visually, auditory, or emotionally inclined person.

If you tend to see vivid pictures or imagery when you daydream, you’re most likely someone who is visually inclined. Or when you do math, you either need pen and paper or you can see the numbers inside your head. (I know, ew, math.) Or when you read, there’s usually some kind of scene that you make up in your mind. It all happens very naturally. 

If you are a more auditory inclined person, you might be someone who hears sounds  instead of seeing vivid imagery. You might be really connected to music and it moves you very deeply. 

And if your emotionally inclined, you are more connected to how your feelings feel inside your body. Like when you’re angry, you’re very in touch with how tense your jaw is. Or you might be an empath - it’s easy for you to just know exactly how other people are feeling. 

In today’s podcast, I shared strategies to connect with inner self depending on what kind of person you are. These strategies are especially helpful in stressful situations, when it’s hard to change our course of thinking, feeling, and acting to match that of our inner selves. 

If you are emotionally inclined: 

Strategy 1: Recreating Emotions 

  • Write down the top 3 feelings that your inner self feels on a regular basis. 

  • Recreate those emotions in your body. 

  • Multiply that feeling in your body as many times as you need to while you take deep breaths. 

If you are visually inclined: 

Strategy 2: Notice what feeling looks like 

  • Recreate an emotion of your inner self in your body 

  • Notice what that feeling looks like - give it a shape, a character, a face, whatever you’d like. 

  • Speak to it like you would your inner self 

Strategy 3:  See Your Inner Self as a Person

  • Draw up in your mind what your inner self looks like

  • Notice what she’s wearing, doing, her surroundings

If you are auditory inclined: 

Strategy 4: Hear Your Inner Self as a Person

  • Listen for your inner self’s voice - it will always sound peaceful, calm, present, loving

  • Notice what her voice sounds like so you can always recognize it amongst the chatter inside your mind

Strategy 5: Listen to Your Inner Self’s Favorite Song 

  • Listen to your inner self’s favorite song that reminds you who you want to be in the future 

  • Feel into the feelings

  • Double the sensations in your mind - increase the volume of the song in your mind, double the feelings inside your body  

I’ve also created a cheat sheet for you so you have a toolbox more or less to easily refer back to. Click below to receive a copy of the cheatsheet. 



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