LY 41: Handling Self Doubt

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Have you ever thought of a dream or a goal that felt so exciting and expansive, but then you immediately thought of all the reasons why it’s impossible and scrapped it or dumbed it down? 

Ever since I was 6, I wanted to be a writer or an editor of some sort. I wanted to be surrounded by words. I wanted to help people share their favorite words out into the world. But I was always concerned with making money, and the general idea was that making money from words was very difficult. So I went with science and math, as those were subjects that my parents had both studied and allowed them to have a very comfortable living. 

So I shelved that dream. I started stories, but never finished them, because I “never had enough time.” 

Self doubt is not negative…

Self doubt is one of the number one killers of our dreams and of living a life that is in alignment with our inner selves. 

And upon hearing that, it’s easy to demonize self doubt. It’s easy to want to run away from it. It’s easy to hate it. 

Resolving self doubt

But the trick to resolving self doubt is actually to embrace it and love it, for it’s a part of you and it always will. Self doubt has a very crucial function for us - it keeps us safe and when we can come out on the other side of it, it helps us strengthen our resolve towards reaching our goals. 

I’ve created a self-doubt guide to take you through the process of releasing self doubt when you are aware of it gripping your mind. The steps you’ll learn are the exact same steps that I take when I am faced with self doubt. If you enter your name and email below, I’ll send it directly to your inbox. 


Positive and negative thinking

In today’s episode, I also share with you a story about positive and negative thinking involving my parents. It’s so easy to think of self doubt as negative and it’s pretty commonly taught that to get rid of it, all you have to do is do some “positive thinking.” 

And when it doesn’t work, it leads to more frustration, anger, and self doubt. 

So always remember that thoughts are always neutral. They’re only positive or negative when we attach a good- or bad-feeling meaning and emotion to it. It’s become second nature for many of us to attach a bad-feeling meaning to self doubt because that’s what we were taught as children and we’ve practiced that same pattern repeatedly over the years. 

But just because it’s a well-practiced pattern doesn’t mean it can’t be undone. 

And how do you undo that pattern of self-doubt = bad feelings? One day at a time. 🙂 

Listen to the episode to learn more tips about releasing self doubt so you can take steps consistently towards your grand vision. 



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