LY 50: Taking Action from The Head vs. The Heart with Bri Seeley

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🎉 Happy Episode #50 of The Love Yourself Podcast!

To celebrate this special episode, I wanted to bring back Bri Seeley, my first coach ever!

She’s actually been on the podcast twice before, in LY 9: Permission to Leap with Bri Seeley and LY 15: Debunking the Myths of Hypnotherapy & RTT. And I know I’ve mentioned her a ton throughout the other episodes as well.

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To introduce her, Bri Seeley is a born catalyst and natural truth-teller with a history in counseling, psychology and entrepreneurship. Despite her two degree’s in fashion design, she was unknowingly taken down the path of healing and transforming lives as a coach and hypnotherapist through a series of “accidents,” “coincidences” and divine guidance.

She combines a lifetime of experience with psychological concepts, hypnotherapy and Universal Laws - plus, over a decade of entrepreneurship, coaching and counseling expertise to catalyze your personal revolution.

Her specialty is in truly helping you give yourself permission to leap and activate your soul’s path. Bri’s best-selling book, Permission to Leap, is available now on Amazon. You may have seen her on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Forbes, Thrive Global, Medium, New Day Northwest, and Huffington Post.


In this interview with Bri, she and I talk about how in today’s culture, especially for business owners, we are taught so much that we need to “think things through,” “figure things out,” and “make it happen.”

“But when we take action from this place, either ego is pushing to make something happen or fear is running the show.”

- Bri

While there is more buzz around manifestation these days, there isn’t very much about how to balance manifestation and alignment with action.

So in today’s episode, you’re going to hear:

  • What Bri has been up to since November 2017, when she was on the show after her bestselling book, Permission to Leap, was published

  • How she spun into depression after forcing a ton of action without alignment, allowed herself to sit in it, and learned how to truly surrender herself and her business to the Universe so it could flow through her

  • How Bri distinguishes between making decisions from her head vs. her heart and how that’s crucial to creating the life and business you desire

  • Why it’s so important to create and embrace your own unique path to success and happiness 

  • How to balance taking action and being in alignment with your Future Self

  • What it means to surrender the reins to the Universe so illogical magic can happen! (And it most definitely doesn’t mean giving up or taking no action at all!)

And of course, be sure to stay until the end to hear Bri’s definition of Self Love! 🙂 

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