LY 51: How to Handle the Stigma of Getting Help 

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🌺 Aloha!

We landed in Honolulu last week and are now on the hunt for a place to live! It’s been nerve wracking for me and ALL about practicing what I preach over here. 

It’s taken lots of deep breathing and two guys (Melo and Nathan) reminding me to chill out and go with the flow, lol. 

Anyway, because it’s been so busy over here, today’s show notes are going to be shorter than normal. I usually try to turn each show note into more of a blog post, but I’m going to let myself slide on this this week. Hopefully by next week, things will be a bit calmer (aka we will have a place to live) and I can spend more time writing. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding and for listening to the podcast! 

For today’s episode, I wanted to address another common issue that paying and potential clients talk to me about: stigma of getting help from a professional. How many of you have ever talked yourself down from getting the help that you want and would benefit greatly from because you’re afraid of what other people will say or think about you? 

I definitely have. Believe it or not, hypnotherapy was a HUGE turnoff for me when I first heard about it. Mind control? No thanks. Someone else is going to hear the inner workings of my soul? I’M going to hear the inner workings of my subconscious??? No freakin’ way. 

It was actually Melo who tried hypnotherapy and encouraged me to give it a shot for 6 months straight before I finally consented. 

And then of course, with just the first session with the lovely Maleya Tran, I was hooked. I was so hooked I started using some of the strategies I learned during my sessions with Maleya with my OT patients and clients (with their consent of course). I was surprised (or not) to find out that they LOVED it and experienced massive shifts because of it. When I decided to learn more, I found out about RTT, fell in love with it, got certified, and the rest is history. 🙂 

In this episode, you’ll hear my top 4 tips to deal with the stigma that comes from getting professional help (whether it’s psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, acupuncture, yoga therapy, reiki, etc.) 

I hope you enjoy! Can’t wait to check in again with you next week. 🤙

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