LY 53: Surrendering to Your Soul Calling with Kathleen Hanagan

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“You have something to accomplish here on earth, and the Universe is designed to support you in that mission.”

- Kathleen Hanagan

This week's guest on the podcast is someone that I look up to immensely. She is a psychotherapist, medicine woman, relationship coach, priestess, poet, international speaker, workshop presenter, CEO of Turn On Your Light, LLC, and the author of "Loveseed."


Kathleen Hanagan, LCSW, is passionately devoted to the birthing of a new culture based on kindness and truth. Her teaching bridges the worlds of spirit and science as she weaves together the wisdom acquired in her personal quest for liberation with the knowledge of the great spiritual traditions, science, and 30 years working intimately with individuals, couples, teams and groups.


In this episode, you will hear us talk about:

  • How Kathleen bridges psychology and spiritualism 

  • How modern day science pathologizes natural parts of life

  • What it feels like to experience and follow soul callings as opposed to mind callings 

  • Embracing the journey of the wounded healer and learning self compassion - those of us who feel the deepest wounds end up healing others as we heal ourselves

  • Finding your “love seed” - the kennel of goodness and love that has been buried deep within us that contains infinite potential 

  • Surrendering and leaning into discomfort rather than pulling away from it 

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!


To learn more about Kathleen, please visit her website at

Click here to purchase Kathleen’s book, “Loveseed: The template for birthing a new world”.



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