LY 56: Surrender is Not Weakness or Loss

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“Surrender is not weakness or loss - it’s a powerful nonresistance.”

- Marianne Williamson

I’ve been reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, and the concept of “surrender” have been very much so on my mind. 

For me, 2019 has been all about discovering what surrender actually means and why it’s important. Ever since throwing my hands up and surrendering to actually just doing what I truly, deep down inside, wanted to do with my business, I’ve experienced surprising results. I’ve gotten more engagement with my subscribers, I haven’t felt burnt out with my business in 4 months (knock on wood, lol), I look forward to doing anything for my business now, and I am receiving the consultation calls and paying clients that I’ve been dreaming about for the last 4 years! 

Not only have I been learning to surrender to my business, but I am also learning to surrender into my emotions, and how important Jessica Pena’s help was to me. I’m not someone who deals with “negative” emotions very well. Whenever I feel remotely threatened, my go-to emotion is anger. And I didn’t realize how much my anger was covering up - it was covering up sadness, guilt, shame, and FEAR. And whatever we refuse to look at just keeps growing stronger and stronger in the background of our lives. 

In today’s episode, you’ll hear more about my experience with surrender and what it feels like for me. I’ll also share with you my process of surrender so you can learn how to explore it for yourself as well. 

As always, I’d love to hear from you - What is your experience with surrender like? What does it mean to you? How does it feel? What are some surprising results you’ve experienced? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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