6 steps to tap into your inner self

Your inner self is THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON you could ever ask for and receive advice from. It knows who you are down at the soul level and it knows what your soul wants to experience.

Your inner self is the guardian of your grand vision.

But many of us find it really easy to ask everyone outside of ourselves for help when we’re faced with a hard decision.

Because it’ much easier to ask for someone else’s opinion (it makes them feel good, which makes you feel good) than to turn your attention inward for the answers within yourself.

The problem with asking everyone else is that nobody is ever really thinking about YOU.

Everyone always only thinks about themselves.

Think about the last time a girlfriend asked you for advice. Did you take into account her personality, her values, her beliefs, and her grand vision before suggesting something that would help her?

Or did you share with her advice based on what your own opinions are regarding her situation and what your personality, values, and beliefs are?

If everyone is always thinking about themselves, who really has your best interest at heart?

Your inner self does.

Regularly tapping into your inner self can help you:

  • Make faster and more aligned decisions

  • Alleviate fears and anxiety

  • Build confidence in yourself

Below, you’ll find 6 steps to help you quickly tap into your inner self whenever you need answers and/or a dose of confidence.

6 steps to tap into your inner self:

Step 1: Turn your attention inward.

This could mean finding a quiet space to close your eyes and slow your breathing down. But you can also do this in a noisy setting too. It’s just about turning your attention inwards. Paying attention to your breathing or heart rate and see if you can slow them down.

Step 2: Recreate the feelings that inner self feels inside your body.

Think about what your inner self (some people call this future self) feels on a regular basis. For example, peace, love, or joy.

Pick one of the feelings you came up with and recreate them in your mind and body.

Notice in your body where you this feeling is coming from.

If you are a visually inclined person, it might help to imagine a glowing ball in your body where that feeling is stemming from. For example, some people feel joy in their heart space. Now imagine a ball of light glowing there.

Pay attention to what what that ball looks like and what it’s doing. Is there a color? How bright is it? Is it pulsing, jumping, radiating?

For people who are more auditory, it will help to keep your mind’s ears open to what that feeling sounds like. For example, joy might sound like your favorite upbeat pop song, while peace may sound like your favorite piano tune.

So just notice that feeling and where it bubbles up from inside your body.

Step 3: Double that feeling inside your body .

Intensify that feeling inside your body. For visual people, intensify that ball of light, whatever that means to you. It could mean that the light shines brighter or it radiates further, or maybe the colors change, or it pulses a bit faster.

For auditory people, intensify the sounds you hear in your mind.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until you feel full of that emotion.

This means different things to different people, and there is no right or wrong here. See if you can fill up your entire body with that emotion. Then see if you can fill out even the spaces around you where you are sitting or laying.

Step 5: At the height of these feelings, ask your inner self for guidance and open your mind or heart space to receive the answer.

If there is a question you’d like to ask your inner self or a decision you need her help in making, go ahead and ask her now.

Then make sure you can be OPEN to receiving the answer. Open up your mind and your heart - sometimes this also looks like uncrossing her arms and legs, and placing your hands palms up on your thighs.

Step 6: Listen for the PEACEFUL, PRESENT, CALM thought, feeling, or scene.

You need to be OPEN to receiving the answer.

When people first start doing this exercise, this step can be difficult. We’re so used to searching our minds for the answers. It’s weird to just be open to receiving.

So this is a real exercise in clearing away the clutter, in trusting your intuition.

You want to clear out space for the voice that feels peaceful, present, and calm.

Would you rather listen to this in the form of a guided meditation?

I’ve recorded the one I regularly take my clients through so you can download it for free.


Extra Challenge for You:

Challenge yourself to connect with your inner self every day for a week.

For me, the best times for connecting with inner self is right when I wake up. (But after I’ve had some coffee. ☕)

After a week of connecting with your inner self - even if it’s just for 5 seconds a day! -see how much more clear-headed, confident, and full of ease that you feel.

I’d love to hear from you:

What’s your experience like when you connect with your inner self?

Let me know in the comments below!



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