#6: What to Do When You Want to Stop Trying

What to do when you want to stop trying, chronic pain
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Have you ever woken up and had an entire conversation with yourself and your pain and tried convincing yourself to get out of bed? Only to have it end like this: 

"Everyone thinks I can't do anything anyway, so what's the point of trying?" 

I've had many mornings like this before. When I felt like I had been trying so hard, yet nothing was going right, and I just wanted to quit altogether. I would call in sick to work, lay around in bed or the couch, and alternate between Netflix and sleep. Those days, it was hard to feel motivated or inspired to do anything. I remember feeling helpless and hopeless. Like I couldn't see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. 

In this podcast episode, I share a big secret about trying. How to get out of this trap of throwing your hands up in the hair, throwing in the white towel, surrendering to your self-pity. 

Hint: STOP TRYING (it's NOT what you think).

I also talk about how we all know that self-pity is a choice, but when we continue to choose it, we tend to feel self-hatred or self-guilt. "I'm not even good enough or smart enough to NOT choose self-pity, to CONTINUE choosing something even though I know it doesn't do me any good. How am I EVER going to be good enough for ANYTHING?" 

Sound familiar? 

I think we all need some more compassion in our lives.

Especially compassion towards ourselves. You'll hear how understanding this choice and allowing ourselves to make whatever choice we need in that moment is actually a stepping stone to healing our pain. 

Healing involves practicing self love. The more we love ourselves and the more we think, feel, and act out of that space, the less need we have for pain in our lives. 

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