LY 61: What’s Really Keeping You Stuck

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In this episode, I share with you the common pathway that I’ve noticed people take through personal development to experiencing more self love when they are tired of feeling stuck. This is gathered from my own experience and also witnessing what most of my clients go through. 

Every single one of my coaching clients and I go through a period of feeling hopeful about seeing a future in which we are not stuck. And then we go through a time where we just feel EXTRA SHITTY about ourselves because we think we are not doing a “good enough” job since everything we want is STILL NOT HERE. 

We think that are not being “positive enough” or using our coping strategies “well enough.” Which of course, just perpetuates and often even strengthens that feeling that we are totally and utterly stuck in life and we will never be “fixed.” 

I am definitely NOT coming from a place of having reached the imaginary finish line of self love or enlightenment. I think it’s a never-ending cycle, just like all things in nature are. There are periods of self-disappointment and there are times of self love and there are times of everything in between. And it’s all to be cherished and loved and experienced as a part of our magical and extraordinary lives. 

If there is a secret sauce to life, I think it’s actually to surrender to the now, to release our daily struggle for more or better, and experience peace in the now. And in this episode, I share with you two ways to do this. 

I hope you enjoy listening, I look forward to reading your thoughts below! 



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