LY 63: From Feeling Separate to Feeling Present and Free with Sophia Schweitzer

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This week on the podcast, I am introducing a beautiful coach, teacher, and writer who works with wild-hearted leaders, rebel entrepreneurs, and fierce creatives dedicated to furthering our economy in service to a wellbeing planet. Her name is Sophia Schweitzer.

Sophia Schweitzer of Space Beyond Words

Sophia Schweitzer of Space Beyond Words

We met about a month ago when I was reaching out to local coaches to make new friends on the island. My phone call with her ended up being exactly what I needed. I appreciated Sophie so much, I invited her onto the podcast in order to share her energy, wisdom, and love with you all.

Sophie draws out transformation, insight, and impact from the inside out through deep inquiry. Her approach is direct, bold, vulnerable, tapping into an inner source of wellbeing and capability, lifting into new possibilities, effectiveness, truth.

She has served internationally and across cultures, with political candidates, with clients in tech start-ups, finance, conscious companies, and in creative ventures. An Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Sophia’s strengths derive from decades of mindfulness practice (Theravada Vipassana), teaching in the human potential field starting in the 1980s (Esalen and Findhorn), years of science writing, and cherishing Hawaii as her home.

In this podcast, we learn more about Sophie’s journey through personal and spiritual development, from feeling overwhelmingly lost and separate from everything going on around her to feeling present, happy, and free in the now.

To learn more about Sophia, please visit her website at To receive your resource sheet on cultivating inner love, fill out the contact form and mention me (Jess) and The Love Yourself Podcast!




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