#7: Acupuncture, Emotions & Pain with Carine Camara

Carine Camara acupuncture & emotional wellness for chronic pain
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"Even if I could totally heal people for them, I wouldn't want to do it because I'd be robbing them of the experience of learning how to heal themselves."

- Carine Camara 

I'm super excited to share this next episode with you! I wanted to bring in another expert in the chronic pain field, and my very good friend, Carine, was gracious enough to let me interview her! 

Carine Camara is an acupuncturist AND emotional wellness coach. Like me, she's another alternative medicine "hybrid" practitioner. She has taken her traditional acupuncture schooling and mixed it together with nontraditional emotional wellness coaching. She too believes that without emotional wellness, there cannot be physical wellness...and vice versa.

In this interview, you'll hear about: 

  • What acupuncture actually is 
  • How exactly it helps with pain 
  • Carine's philosophy on where chronic pain comes from and how to treat it 
  • What is emotional wellness coaching and why is it so important 
  • How to keep from needing to see an acupuncturist forever
  • What to look out for when searching for a "good" acupuncturist

It was a ton of fun to interview Carine, and I hope you'll give this episode a listen. As a holistic health practitioner, I thought I knew what acupuncture was (Needles, right? Yea, no thanks.), but I learned a great deal in this discussion myself!

To get in touch with Carine, you can find her on her website at carinecamara.com or on Facebook. Enjoy!! 

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